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Friday, October 8, 2010

Words From Your Dali Mama

This is a collection of work by the professor, transferred from myspace, which touches on the less tangible world of the human spirit, as experienced by Plume himself. He claims no authority over such writing, as he attributes the thoughts to nothing more than reality.
Because he sometimes can not even remember what he penned and swears at times he is guided from some sort of muse, it is largely written under the pseudonym Your Dali Mama, out of Plume's admiration for the teaching of the Buddha, while the remainder is written as Clark Griswald.

The professor bugged when he re-read these:

Learn about love before you start talking like your in it. -- Your Dali Mama

"LONG PERIODS OF TIME ARE WASTED IN IDLE DAY DREAMING,or the useless harping on some trivial fact or circumstance."

Concentrate on the task at hand

Before you can meditate you must learn to concentrate, start by letting your whole day be an exercise in concentration, whatever your task at hand, forget about everything except that. It is training like exercise for the mind.

Just like you get excited to see your toned body, imagine when your brain begins to develop!!

GIVE IT TIME, the beginner allows his energy to drain away in idle conversation or mental rambling, in vague revision of past experiences or anxiety over events that haven't happened, recklessly spending his mental fortune,

But the wise man learns the value of the smallest opportunity and uses these otherwise idle moments to a useful end, so all of these "idle moments" where we think about bs from the past or worry about BS from the future, use it to contemplate, write, read, meditate,concentrate. Soon, you will form a habit.-YDM

1.No true master of meditation will take one penny for his teaching.

2.No true master makes any claim, or allows any claim to be made on his behalf, to abnormal powers or acheivement.

Christmas Humphreys, "Concentration and Meditaton"-

Damn I remember this is when I first hooked back with Asa because of the bottom shout. --PP

Imagine this whole life was a game. Like, we were aliens in a whole other type of existance playing " America" and all of us were dropped on this planet and everyone just woke up with their shit!
Some would wake up on the subway platform without shit, some would wake up and put on his subway shirt and name tag. Buts it's just a game.
The first guy would go to a shelter and the second would grab his little wallet metro-card and go to work. They pass each other and laugh," fun, right?"

Everybody just wakes up with whatever the fuck they got from a roll of the dice in THE GAME. Some were rich and famous, some just rich, some just famous, some poor, some middle of the road, blue collar, white collar, educated, non-educated.

Different networks, different lives, many dimensions to each life, each intertwining on such complex levels. That's what we're playing.

There is no good or bad or success or failure. It's a game. How the fuck do I know? Who does the judging?

I was just thinking.

Ace with the piff!!

we don't think how precious every second is until our expectations of life are interrupted by age, or an accident or a lose of a loved one.
Then we experience a moment that cuts through our clouded dream-life, but we hate this place so we scramble to get back to pursuing the pleasure of me, all about ME> Fuck You

Stop wasting time trying to keep up an illusion of yourself, you're wasting time..

We're lazy and unfocused, it corrupts our behavior and leads to regret!! and the cycle of SAMSARA(suffering by needing things to make you happy) continues forever.

happy by thinking of others first and love unconditionally.

Your Dolly Mama

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