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Tuesday, June 5, 2012 Just Don't Expect An Answer

I wonder when people will stop treating the information super-highway like the gas station off an exit, one that they pulled into for directions, even though they have a satellite navigation system.....then having the dumb attendant, who has a wall full of maps behind him, saying: "I'm not sure because I just moved here, but I believe it's that way."......followed by the guy in line behind them, who overhears all of this while scrolling through his I-phone chiming in with: "No. I don't think so. I could be wrong, but I believe it is back that way."

That's a pretty accurate metaphor for and the rest of those sites, where morons go to share their lack of knowledge with one another. It's like asking someone wearing a watch, holding a cellphone, and standing underneath a giant clock for the time and having him respond, "I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's after 2." Or dialing 411 for a phone number and the operator tells you: " OK, don't quote me on this, but here's the number." Or punching in '2 + 2 =' on a calculator and having it spit out "4....give or take."

And just to make it even more illegitimate and confusing, each uneducated guess is open to a public vote, which is used to rank them in order of credibility. So whichever answer has the best percentage of idiotic endorsement, or "thumbs up," is labeled the "Best Answer." Not to be confused with the correct answer......or just the answer.

Don't get me wrong. They are useful for certain things like taking opinion surveys, but these "ask a fellow fool" sites always pop up on the first Google page when you type in a question, a simple question for which you would like a simple, definitive answer to, such as the question that prompted this discussion, earlier today when I broke my rule. I needed to convince a misguided friend that cat hair does not CAUSE asthma. I was expecting a simple (and factual) "No." Instead ,I got an "I think so," followed by a story of how a kitten once gave a person the sniffles and an "I don't think so," based on equally significant evidence and, as one "Ask-contributer" barked, exclamation points and all, cat hair not only causes asthma but hay fever as well

Having misinformation is worse than having none; some say it's actually dangerous.

I recently visited a relative who is fond of our President, and I asked her how exactly it was that he paid for school, laughing at the notion that he simply had taken out student loans. She disappeared into her study, printed something off the web, and within minutes she proudly produced some literature, with my answer highlighted in bright yellow. "There you have it," she said. 

Sure as can be, it 'confirmed' that it was student loans which put him through Harvard. The site she used for reference? The information marked was written by someone named "Obaman68." In her defense, it was the very first link to appear, and to the casual googler, that is expected to be legit, and it should be.

There's calendar on the wall right next to you; you don't need to ask the guy who accidentally stumbled across your question going from the Kim Kardashian Report over to the latest in pro-wrestling what today's date is. I'm not saying he definitely won't know it, but.........

Monday, June 4, 2012

We Just Don't Need Them

This idea that without being protected by police and military, we will be swallowed up by brutal invaders or some Mad Max type gang will move in and terrorize neighborhoods, is just wrong, I believe. Rather, it is only the same people who behave like this and have been since Babylon. Our reality is shaped by them, by distorting history as well as the present. It's far from hocus-pocus. It's actually very easy, if you control the news and the history books, which they do; that's a fact. They have, through those simple tactics, unleashed wars and enacted legislature based on sheer fabrications. They have created an existence where we are separated into groups and told lies about each other, about the way we live, what we believe, what we plan to do, instigating fear and conflict. We are told that the people across the borders and seas are dangerous enemies.

Mammals of the same breed don't fear other. They don't conquer each other. They do fight for sport. They fight over their mates. They fight over their private piece of turf, meaning don't run in another man's house. But they don't murder, torture, enslave or rule. Insects do that. Bees live to serve the queen, not humans. Ants colonize, not humans. Those who have been in power since the "great flood," all the way up to the President, who ALL share the same royal bloodlines, who are all part of a global network of secret societies.....evidence would surely suggest....are not human.

The quality that humans do possess is that they are spiritual beings, and when separated from their "source" (God), as they are by these creatures since birth and every day following, they are filled with a void. They spend their lives missing something, that completeness they had for a little while as a child. They KNOW instinctively they are missing something and are disconnected, but they aren't sure what. They are never told.....exactly. Because that is what they exploit! And so they have manufactured bogus religions throughout the world, which are sprinkled with enough divine truth to capture the faith of humans, but are in fact used to divide. They are used to instill great fear, greater than any other, the fear for their immortal soul. They are told exactly what to do, how to behave, and most importantly, who to kill............and oh I forgot....who to give their money to.
The fear and stress put upon people through religion, fear of each other, fear of perishing if you don't have enough, stress to achieve more and more and the greed that comes along with it, the social pressures that arise from being taught separateness........and all of that jazz......certainly don't help either when it comes to mental health. That combined with everything else we mentioned is bound to create some fked up individuals. It's really no secret that upbringing and conditioning from a young age creates the world's psycho killers. Many times it's a bad step=parent or foster home. Well, we all have bad "alternative" parents....the ones that our real parents are forced to hand us over to when we are 5 years old, who teach us all of these qualities. Sure, they will say, "We teach them good wholesome American values!"  Yeah right, like bombing the shit out of a country over nothing.

And when a person snaps under one of the many pressures placed upon him, the media, which they own, is right there to cover it, so then we can say, "People are just evil." The mind is very powerful and can be manipulated easily, but if everybody is so evil, violent, and dangerous, how come when one of these stories comes out you always hear everyone around you saying, "Oh, that's terrible." Why aren't people saying, "Oh wow, he killed two people with his bare I wish I could do that."

Police are supposed to protect and serve, but all they serve are summons and fines. Don't get me wrong, they will sometimes catch and punish, but very rarely do they protect. Neighborhood watches are always more effective when it comes to a killer on the loose, and they don't have helicopters, satellite radios, infrared and glocks.

These insects have humans believing that success in this life is to have a good job. They scream and yell because they need jobs! People will say, "But you need a job to live."  No you don't. You need a job to live THEIR way. You need a job in their game, their reality. People say, "If everyone stopped working, the country would fall apart."  Well, that is certainly an opinion, and I strongly disagree. I think the day our "economy" collapses will be a major step toward purging this world of them.

Money is not necessary to live, and yet they have created a reality in which we think it is. The fact is that humans beings run around saying, "Please, please create more jobs." meaning, please give us more occupations, meaning please occupy us.

The definition of occupy is to seize, to control. Is that what we need? Not me. 

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