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Plume's Emails, Facebook Rants, And Other Social Comments

(The Professor's facebook posts, emails to Mom and others are unedited and posted as they appear, written quickly while participating in the newest form of socializing.)

Facebook Nov. 2010


You can rest assured that there will be a time in your future, probably much sooner than you think, where your greatest fear de jour, the one that has forcefully hijacked your emotions, thus robbing you of your precious analytical mind, will be little more than a punchline, worthy of nothing but a head shake. 

What’s even better is that this will come about with no effort on your part to make it so. In fact, such attempts will only lengthen the process. 

Let the worry, regret, angst, and hatred wash over you like a tidal wave. Then, as you pick yourself up at the shore, with sand in your pockets, seaweed in your hair, and a mouth full of salt water, pretty scraped up and very winded, stand up and laugh.

Facebook Oct./2010

Election Day

I vote for revolution, a new government where each man's home is a state, in a peace treaty with his neighbors. An attack on one is an attack on all. That's how we keep peace. New text books. New history. New economy. An emphasis on philosophy and science and English and math and true history. Understanding ourselves and thus, the universe......

That's what I vote for. We can take this government out with minimal damage and minimal bloodshed, electronically. Baby boomers keep the political pressure up. Play the game with them; keep them complacent. Let them think we are using these pipelines to play tweeter and pay those credit cards and buy things and chat and gossip and see gross pictures and steal music from each other......keep them fat. Meanwhile, saddle up, Generation X! Let's mutha f---in' roll! We are Generation Exterminate!!!!

BTW, if anyone knew me during my "green" period, for a couple of years earlier in the past decade, when I was indoctrinated by talk radio and waving a George Bush flag, what could I say? I was blind. Hey, it's not like I made it out to vote! lol

More Election Day
Don't vote if the person you are voting for is not your FIRST choice, and they can't possibly be. You don't even know them. Don't say they are the lessor of two evils. There's no such thing. Vote for yourself, your friend, or nobody!! Stop letting them round us up like cattle. We go out and vote for one of these two fools who are just frontmen playing professional wrestling- type roles on us. These dems and repubs go out and eat together and party together. It's a show! Meanwhile they go on as usual, sending through bills ...and passing laws that we don't even know about.
And don't forget to NOT pay your income tax...ever!! There are no laws stating that you have to and it's unconstitutional. Don't believe me or an article or a movie, look it up yourself!
They fool you into believing the economy is so complicated, and we walk around like idiots saying one party is better than the other and can balance the budget and all of that crap. THEY MAKE THE DEFICIT. It's never ending. It's interest from the Federal Reserve, a non-government, private bank that gives us all of our money. It's that simple; they control the money like a faucet. Period. They flooded us in the 20's, starved us in the 30's, made a fortune off wars in the 40's 50's and 60's starved us in the 70's, fed us in the 80's ..etc now a recession. You know how they say, "why don't we just print more money?" We could!! It's just "tender."

Oh, and they pay for that "interest" that will ALWAYS accumulate with OUR INCOME TAX!!!! Wake up!

How many people here can explain to me how our economy works and why we are in a "recession" Seriously, and if you say it's one party or another, please explain it. They keep us bockering over shit we know nothing about. Divide and control. You think it's a coincidence that our education is in the toilet, our kids are the dumbest on the planet, and we are flooded with garbage on the TV and games and gameboys and blah...right after they took over the school system. And look at the history they teach. It's a joke, BUT THEY DO IT!!

Take that pillow from your head!! Get off of FaceBook for a minute. Stop asking people that are as dumb as you. Google it! Get off Ebay, get on wikipedia, get off, read some e-books, communicate on forums, learn the lingo. These are our communication lines for the revolution! Love your hackers. Some of them are mischievous, but they will be the heroes. the government didn't see it coming, but it's here! Allegiance to the Anarchical Internet. Arm yourself with knowledge. It's us or them!


We are all slaves!!!
Think about what it is you REALLY work for. Slaves at least got room and board and chow. We are all slaves, and you don't even see it!! Slaves to the almighty dollar, the golden calf, if you will...

We labor and toil away over half off our consciousness, over half of our lives, dancing to the tune of one master, for their profit (tax) one boss, backed by the bigger boss, backed by the establishment, backed by the system, backed by the almighty. To this day and everyday, my people utilize the famous underground railraod; sadly however, it is not in Miss Tubman's honor. 

No, that courageous woman and icon, who shuffled slaves through tunnels to a new life of freedom in the North, would be heart broken to see that only five generations later, her ancestors and those of a hundred years of immigrants from throughout Europe and Asia, were using similar tunnels to travel BACK to the cotton fields, on their own.

Imagine her appraoching the very first "runner" she saw and obversing his angst when he could not get to the tobacco field fast enough. She would swear we hate freedom, and poor Harriet would certainly crawl back to her grave with great swiftness when she learns that people, in fact, were grateful to be put to work and complained when they were denied their place in the field. And Tubs would surely let out a cosmic scream when she sees that she may travel through an entire colonial city, on either side of the Mason-Dixon, and be hard-pressed to find a man who owns much more than 40 acres and a pitbull.

What the hell is wrong with a society that has machines which will do the job a thousand times faster and more proficient that men, but we don't use them in order to have something for men (slaves) to do?? MONEY.

Just A Thought

Remember. The absolute worst they could do to you is put you in jail or kill you. It's not that bad.

Facebook Sept./2010

Facebook Aug./2010
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