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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FaceBook Rant on Education

(The following is a rant by Plume, posted on Face book on December 21st, 2010)

We are living in the most extraordinary time ever in the history of civilization, an unprecedented age of unbridled wisdom and a era of quasi-omniscience! Tell the government to go to hell with their paltry education, based on the superficial knowledge of last century, catechized by yesterday's scholars, using archaic methods.

I went back to school a year ago, and I knew more than the bozo professors. I know people with masters degrees that know as much about their major as I could learn in a one hour google-fest.

Screw their piece of paper that costs a small fortune but isn't be worth the ink, especially during this bogus recession, and spruces up your "home office" at best, while you deliver pizzas five nights a week.

***BTW, explain the recession to me, please. Explain how we have no money all of a sudden, now that we owe trillions, as opposed to when we owed billions. Anyway....

You wanna make it? Teach yourself!! Get off of facebook and get on some forums. Learn what it is before you make your move!

I see our PATHETIC test scores, and I should be ecstatic because that's what I'm saying, EF school! But, if that was the case, we'd be ignoring school completely, not showing up and failing! lol My little encore at SUNY gave me a glimpse into today's youth. I just don't understand how someone that has the answer to any question you will ever be expected to answer in a farcically frivolous college course, taught by some petty bozo whose expertise on the particular subject extends no further than the textbook, fails.

(No offense Aunt Jane. You did your time, and you were a beacon for two generations of our youth during the dark ages of the 1900's. I am very proud of you; however, like the chariot designers of ancient Rome, the occupation has lost its necessity. Now, we are all teachers and students.)

Honestly, if I had a question about anything within the scope of the class (which is already limiting, right there!), why would I wait after class for the other fools that have to speak with the professor, knowing he really doesn't even want to be bothered, to ask him something that he may or may not know when I could ask the question to Professor Google and get an answer from every person in this hemisphere who ever decided to give one. It's silly that we continue to channel our wisdom, as well as our merit, our worth, our standing in society, the ranking we use to measure the type of person we are and will become, the importance we may have within our chosen field and, of course, how much money we will earn, all through Joe Blow the professor, who has taught the same melarky for fifteen years and just doesn't like your face so he drops a C on you, or perhaps his wife didn't enjoy the paper you wrote. Bwahh!!! Hogwash!

To hell with school -- 2nd verse

As I was saying, "Teach yourself....blah blah blah

Learn from google, from the web of wisdom, the entanglement of education, the interlacing of ideas, the mental meshwork, and leave the imbroglio of ignorance in the past, along with this organized crime syndicate known as the department of education that steadily feasts on our nation's budget, collecting a larger percentage the worse it performs, and the national thievery that we call college, which sells us our own personal ignorance for the low price of about our entire life savings! They are nice enough to set us up with a loan shark that will front the cash for around 25 points, secured by your future income, assets, ...and credit score, also known as your worth as a human being, which governs your ability to "have" things and helps ensure a favorable assessment of your character in the minds of those chosen to help you.

My little nephew (in law) was upset the other day because he couldn't figure out some assignment and he was mad he wouldn't be able to get into Harvard. (yeah, I know...)
Now, I never get involved with anyone raising their kids, and traditionally that is the right attitude for an eleven year old to have, but to me it's sad.

I wanted to tell him to crumble up that bullshit assignment and watch the football game, first of all (this was during the Jets game, no less!!) Then tell your teacher, in a calm and polite manner, "Mr. Tenure, listen, I have no desire to remain at the snail's pace which you teach the rest of the fools in seventh grade, nor am I interested in the majority of this flaccid curriculum, defined by underpaid bureaucrats, developed to stimulate, but not overwhelm, the dull-minded mean the is considered the average intelligence quotient in this mentally inferior country by the dim-wits that measure such things.
From here on out, I wish to study subjects that I deem necessary to fulfill the lifestyle I desire, one that will enrich my spirit as well as satisfy my basic needs.

Please respect my decision and kindly award me a very modest grade of 90%, only to satisfy my parents, both of whom are unfortunately so indoctrinated by the customs of yesteryear that they will never understand where I'm coming from, nor do I have the patience or desire to even attempt an explanation. I believe you will find that arrangement quite fair, considering the alternative, which would involve detailed allegations that some may find offensive, if you know what I'm saying."

Then I would tell him to find something he really loved and wanted to do in life and google it, read about it, study it, talk about it, practice it, get involved in it, learn the ropes, learn the lingo, talk the talk, walk the walk, live it, love it, she's just a woman....all of that...

School is for do do heads! I can't wait to have kids!

Oh, and then I would give him this link:

Of course, that is not to mention the strain on the parents, like that single mom who is just overcoming the fact that her childhood was cut short by pregnancy and has a first-rate education from the school of hard knocks, which finally rewarded her with the right to call herself a responsible adult and mother. Now, the poor thing has to stress over the fact that she's about $80,000 short of providing her child with the opportunity to have a better life than she did.

You wonder what motivates some women to prostitute or strip or sell drugs? The love of your children, for one. That's not a stretch, either. That's perfectly accurate.

**Ahh, they control us in more ways than simply MK Ultra, "manchurian candidate" mind-control (the techniques used by the government to program assassins, such as Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, and John Hinkley, most likely triggered by something novel, perhaps "Cathcher In The Rye" lol 

Did you know that J.D. Salinger had extensive ties to the CIA? Just sayin'................
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