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Sunday, March 25, 2012

On The Trayvon Story

It becomes very interesting when you add some cynicism to your evening news, especially the top story, the one that dominates headlines of every “nationally recognized” news outlet in the country, the outrage, the one the President has an opinion on. In this case, of course, it’s the horrific tragedy of Trayvon Martin, the young, black teenager who was apparently murdered at the hand of a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, another renegade who tried to take the law into his own hands, yet was allowed to walk home by the seemingly incompetent (and quite possibly racist) local police force.  

It is the kind of heart-breaking story where you can feel the pain of the victim’s family and share their anger, one that is  usually met with a collective effort to seek justice on their behalf and, more importantly, do whatever is necessary to ensure that this will never happen again. This usually results in government action. I would describe it as an injustice, apparently fueled by racism, met with enough widespread empathy to garner majority support in an area it normally wouldn’t. Can you think of any other stories like that in the national media?

Many New Yorkers recall a similar story in the 80s known as the “Subway Vigilante” that featured a white man who shot and injured a group of black teenagers in what he claimed was self-defense. In the end, public opinion was somewhat divided as he was found not guilty of attempted murder, so the similarities and differences remain to be seen until the facts are given, but the formula and the overall message remains the same. 

Why, just when it seems like we were “getting along,” does some fool have to go and do this, and set us back in our fight against racism? That’s what I thought when I heard the news, not realizing how ignorant the question is. It implies that this is the first time this happened since the last national outcry, but it isn’t. 

Statistics say that 17,000 murders are committed every year in the U.S., and of course, that doesn’t count the ones that are unreported. That’s 45 murders a day. The percentages between black and white offenders and victims are, for the most part, split, which means, without going too deep, that there are most likely thousands of blacks killed by whites every year, probably around ten a day (and vice versa). That means, in no uncertain terms, that roughly 300 black Americans were killed by white Americans since the day of the now infamous Trayvon Martin story. 300. 

Now, I have no idea what the circumstances were surrounding the other 25,000 or so inter-racial murders that have taken place on President Obama’s watch, but obviously they weren’t important enough for him to take notice. With all due respect (not really), the murder of children who “look like his son would,” if he had one, by a white man because he is different must not be too deplorable to him, since he orders such operations on a daily basis. (Maybe he only means young men that speak the same primary language as his imaginary son, and is on our side.) 

Why then did he take time to address the nation on behalf of the Martin family, stating that they should “expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves, and we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened."? (as opposed to the rest that do not deserve squat) That is a generic line directly out of the play book. You should recognize it if you read it again. Sound familiar? That is EXACTLY how our beloved Patriot Act was born. 

And so it becomes clear. He is not outraged by this. As we see, this happens daily; he is responsible for such actions daily! As tragic as it is, there is nothing which makes this story any more worthy than the rest. So, again I ask why.

Well, I don’t have that answer exactly, but if I had to surmise I would start by removing the emotion and looking at the facts:

We know, from our study of Nazi Germany for one, that the masses can be swayed by carefully controlled propaganda.

We know that the major media outlets are owned and operated by a handful of wealthy, elite Americans, the proverbial 2%. (Some “lists” have only five corporations owning them, while others name over thirty, but either way that boils down to a handful, and although it becomes more diverse locally and online, let’s face it, if a story is blasted on the big boys, the rest will have to follow suit, lest they appear worthless.)

We know that this group of media moguls, along with their major personalities (the Cronkite, Jennings, Brokaw’s......) and leaders or key members of government, finance and education from around the world are all members of a handful of organizations, which hold private meetings in undisclosed locations on a regular basis. These include The Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission....and others. These meetings are a veritable who’s who on the world stage, yet they are NOT reported by the media. Shocking, but not at all surprising. 

(By the way, it is fun to catch sound bytes of politicians, whose futures are determined inside these elite groups, dance around questions regarding their membership. Obama was my favorite when he was asked at a town hall type discussion if he was a member of the CFR, he played it like “I don’t know.....”,.turned to his wife (or his assistant) and asks, “are we a member? I dont know I’m in a lot of groups.......” and chuckled. Next question. lol  Yes Barry, you are a member.)

So, you have a small group of elite making decisions over cocktails at high brow clubs and spas as to how to wield their power. The fact is there are hundreds of stories a day that are capable of grabbing public attention. They simply need to be broadcast as a “national story” and covered on all the major outlets, there businesses. Just imagine that, rather than being addressed by the President, the Trayvon story was found exclusively on page nine of your local paper. Horrible? Yes. Are we talking about it? Nope. Conversely, take a local slaying from page nine and have it lead the evening news. Instant outrage. There are over 500 million people in this country, and they do all sorts of outrageous crap that would piss you off.

Then I would look for similarities in these major stories. As I mentioned before, stories like this often involve, besides racism, either a vigilante or a rogue cop who goes to far and inadequacy by the local police, either by causing the vigilant mindset with its failure to provide a feeling of security prior to the incident and/or a lackluster investigation conducted following.

So, I would conclude that they want to keep racism alive, for one. That’s a no-brainer. Keeping us divided is what our democracy is all about. A monarchy gives the people one common enemy to rebel against, but the two-party system splits them down the middle. OK........

But, more interesting to me (but not surprising) is the dual message that says: Taking the law into your own hands is not a good idea, because whenever we attempt to protect/police ourselves, kids die. and We need to leave our safety up to the government....BUT not the locals because they are incompetent fools.

hmmmmm.......... what do you guys think? Totalitarianism? Are the so called Conspiracy Theorists right when they claim that the goal a one world government? I don’t know, but it sure looks like it. You could even say that they telegraph their moves. Yet, nobody sees it.
Just food for thought.      


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