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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FaceBook Rant on Education

(The following is a rant by Plume, posted on Face book on December 21st, 2010)

We are living in the most extraordinary time ever in the history of civilization, an unprecedented age of unbridled wisdom and a era of quasi-omniscience! Tell the government to go to hell with their paltry education, based on the superficial knowledge of last century, catechized by yesterday's scholars, using archaic methods.

I went back to school a year ago, and I knew more than the bozo professors. I know people with masters degrees that know as much about their major as I could learn in a one hour google-fest.

Screw their piece of paper that costs a small fortune but isn't be worth the ink, especially during this bogus recession, and spruces up your "home office" at best, while you deliver pizzas five nights a week.

***BTW, explain the recession to me, please. Explain how we have no money all of a sudden, now that we owe trillions, as opposed to when we owed billions. Anyway....

You wanna make it? Teach yourself!! Get off of facebook and get on some forums. Learn what it is before you make your move!

I see our PATHETIC test scores, and I should be ecstatic because that's what I'm saying, EF school! But, if that was the case, we'd be ignoring school completely, not showing up and failing! lol My little encore at SUNY gave me a glimpse into today's youth. I just don't understand how someone that has the answer to any question you will ever be expected to answer in a farcically frivolous college course, taught by some petty bozo whose expertise on the particular subject extends no further than the textbook, fails.

(No offense Aunt Jane. You did your time, and you were a beacon for two generations of our youth during the dark ages of the 1900's. I am very proud of you; however, like the chariot designers of ancient Rome, the occupation has lost its necessity. Now, we are all teachers and students.)

Honestly, if I had a question about anything within the scope of the class (which is already limiting, right there!), why would I wait after class for the other fools that have to speak with the professor, knowing he really doesn't even want to be bothered, to ask him something that he may or may not know when I could ask the question to Professor Google and get an answer from every person in this hemisphere who ever decided to give one. It's silly that we continue to channel our wisdom, as well as our merit, our worth, our standing in society, the ranking we use to measure the type of person we are and will become, the importance we may have within our chosen field and, of course, how much money we will earn, all through Joe Blow the professor, who has taught the same melarky for fifteen years and just doesn't like your face so he drops a C on you, or perhaps his wife didn't enjoy the paper you wrote. Bwahh!!! Hogwash!

To hell with school -- 2nd verse

As I was saying, "Teach yourself....blah blah blah

Learn from google, from the web of wisdom, the entanglement of education, the interlacing of ideas, the mental meshwork, and leave the imbroglio of ignorance in the past, along with this organized crime syndicate known as the department of education that steadily feasts on our nation's budget, collecting a larger percentage the worse it performs, and the national thievery that we call college, which sells us our own personal ignorance for the low price of about our entire life savings! They are nice enough to set us up with a loan shark that will front the cash for around 25 points, secured by your future income, assets, ...and credit score, also known as your worth as a human being, which governs your ability to "have" things and helps ensure a favorable assessment of your character in the minds of those chosen to help you.

My little nephew (in law) was upset the other day because he couldn't figure out some assignment and he was mad he wouldn't be able to get into Harvard. (yeah, I know...)
Now, I never get involved with anyone raising their kids, and traditionally that is the right attitude for an eleven year old to have, but to me it's sad.

I wanted to tell him to crumble up that bullshit assignment and watch the football game, first of all (this was during the Jets game, no less!!) Then tell your teacher, in a calm and polite manner, "Mr. Tenure, listen, I have no desire to remain at the snail's pace which you teach the rest of the fools in seventh grade, nor am I interested in the majority of this flaccid curriculum, defined by underpaid bureaucrats, developed to stimulate, but not overwhelm, the dull-minded mean the is considered the average intelligence quotient in this mentally inferior country by the dim-wits that measure such things.
From here on out, I wish to study subjects that I deem necessary to fulfill the lifestyle I desire, one that will enrich my spirit as well as satisfy my basic needs.

Please respect my decision and kindly award me a very modest grade of 90%, only to satisfy my parents, both of whom are unfortunately so indoctrinated by the customs of yesteryear that they will never understand where I'm coming from, nor do I have the patience or desire to even attempt an explanation. I believe you will find that arrangement quite fair, considering the alternative, which would involve detailed allegations that some may find offensive, if you know what I'm saying."

Then I would tell him to find something he really loved and wanted to do in life and google it, read about it, study it, talk about it, practice it, get involved in it, learn the ropes, learn the lingo, talk the talk, walk the walk, live it, love it, she's just a woman....all of that...

School is for do do heads! I can't wait to have kids!

Oh, and then I would give him this link:

Of course, that is not to mention the strain on the parents, like that single mom who is just overcoming the fact that her childhood was cut short by pregnancy and has a first-rate education from the school of hard knocks, which finally rewarded her with the right to call herself a responsible adult and mother. Now, the poor thing has to stress over the fact that she's about $80,000 short of providing her child with the opportunity to have a better life than she did.

You wonder what motivates some women to prostitute or strip or sell drugs? The love of your children, for one. That's not a stretch, either. That's perfectly accurate.

**Ahh, they control us in more ways than simply MK Ultra, "manchurian candidate" mind-control (the techniques used by the government to program assassins, such as Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, and John Hinkley, most likely triggered by something novel, perhaps "Cathcher In The Rye" lol 

Did you know that J.D. Salinger had extensive ties to the CIA? Just sayin'................

Monday, November 29, 2010

Religion To Identify

As human beings, it is in our nature to form relationships. We do this so that we can identify ourselves; we all want to “be somebody.” As we grow up, we are subjected to all types of people, groups, styles, cliques, political parties...etc. We are conditioned to believe certain things about each, and we decide exactly how we want to portray ourselves. Basically, we are all just playing a role. Then our lives are spent trying to uphold that image of ourselves, as we are cast in the play of life, according to the script. If you think about that, it’s exactly correct.

Religion is just another form of identification, another character trait. This one, in particular, displays morals. Being a member of a church says, “I am a good person, or at least I’m trying to be; you could tell by the fish symbol on my car or the cross around my neck.” or “If I was a bad person, would I be walking to Temple wearing a small hat.” (If this type of rhetoric is offensive to you then I’m sure I will be adequately punished by your loving God.....unless of course, my God has a say in the matter.)   

This is not a conscious decision, necessarily, unless you are purposely trying to cover a certain lifestyle or purifying your image in the eyes of, say, a judge or a parole board or a possible mother-in-law. Most church-goers attend mass in accordance with who they think they are or want to be. The antithesis, I suppose, would be joining a biker gang. (Please don’t tell me you could be in a biker gang and go to church, too.) I caught a glimpse of how this took place with Christianity, as it became an organization known as the Catholic Church, when I first began to attend a Buddhist Zendo in West Palm Beach, Fl.

The congregation, when at full strength, consisted of only about 20 people, with a “pastor” and a handful of devotees. The practice of sitting in meditation is called Zazen, which is much different from the political rallies known as “mass” in the Western world. It took place inside a church of some Christian denomination, who compassionately leased the space to these poor souls, who would obviously never reach eternal happiness by worshiping a Chinese god (which is not at all what was happening). Besides the obvious violation of their number one rule, clearly set aside for the parishioners and not the governing body, whose duty it is to maximize profits, the arrangement is a no-brainer.

Actually, small Buddhist gatherings like this take place all over the country in rented areas that provide adequate cover. They are simply a group of aspirants who are looking for the salvation and truth that they aren’t receiving from their religions, which are all based on the same “rules” and all insist that their God is more loving and more peaceful than the next, while they murder each other to prove it.

(Looking for alternatives, Islam has positioned itself as an evil religion in the eye of the West, although it is about politics, not God. Islam is a perfect identity for those who oppose, or feel slighted by, the US, such as African Americans, but it is only a different spin on the exact same story.)

It wasn’t until the latter part of the twentieth century, when a guy name Shunryu Suzuki-Roshi brought Zen Buddhism across the Pacific to the United States. When Suzuki arrived in San Francisco in the 60’s, there was only one place where Zen Buddhism was practiced, an old Jewish Synagogue, no doubt allotted them through some financial arrangement.

He started igniting much interest throughout the beatnik community, especially after being mentioned in Alan Watts’ writings. It spread quickly, considering Suzuki’s fear that the mind-set in the West is not prepared to receive it.  Although I have no doubt as to the validity of the teachings, I must believe that the majority of these new, hippie-Buddhists saw this as yet another identity for those who opposed government views.

(I’ve outlined the allure of Buddhist teachings, which seem to trim the fat and leave out the stories that have been manipulated over the centuries. It was this idea of God as a principle, a source of life and true love, and the essence of everything that attracted me to the teaching, but I made the same fundamental mistake of identifying myself with it. When asked my religious affiliation, I would proudly answer, “Buddhism,” as if I had found something they had not. That is the ego.)

Now, I’ve described the lure of this practice many times before; it is certainly a less mysterious and less confusing path to eternal life, for those who are serious about finding it, but then again, so were the teachings of Christ compared to the Old Testament, as we see by Jesus’ consolidation of ten laws into only two. Of course, once removed from those who were truly touched by Him, Christianity became only something to identify with. People began to declare proudly that they were Christian. There’s the ego again. So, I guess I’m comparing the emergence of Zen Buddhism in California to that of Christianity in first century Jerusalem. ( I won’t go as far as saying that Suzuki is  Jesus Christ, although it would fit the analogy. Both brought a new way to connect with God to a region that had been previously misguided, coincidentally by the same book.)

It should be obvious by now exactly how Zen Buddhism became popular in the U.S. It came at a time when Americans were actively looking for anything to identify with that was anti-establishment, or just plain different. They needed God, as we all do, but to succumb to religion of the evil empire, which was causing massive bloodshed for apparently no reason, was unacceptable. Remember, this is also the time when Scientology was popular, a radical religious cult among the Hollywood personnel, so it’s no surprise that Buddhism, endorsed by the most influential beatnik writers, would catch on.

I’m afraid Suzuki’s fears may have been warranted. I think perhaps Americans, and most people in the First-World today, have been far too hypnotized by their egos to truly accept Buddhism as a whole. Of course, I am not suggesting that those who have picked up where Suzuki left off and who write, teach, and practice zazen in the U.S., as taught by Buddhist monks in the East, are frauds. In fact, I know this isn’t true. It is the idea of Buddhism as a religion that I’m skeptical of. Buddha’s instructions are simply philosophical principles, called “metaphysics,” which morphed into the term “science” when testing methods became stronger and more verifiable, around the 17th century with our pals, Newton and Galileo. A religion is just a group, with which one could identify--another group.

I’ve seen it. After about 3 months of my own zazen practice, which basically consists of sitting meditation, some walking meditation, and chants, I started to become recognizable to the rest. It was a very nice connection, by the way. There isn’t much chatter within these congregations; nobody is adamant about telling you who they are or what they do or why. Nobody asks either. The alliance is formed in silence, so much so that it was almost surreal to go out into the everyday world with them, as if that Orthodox (or whatever) church that was paying dividends to the landlord on the religions off-time was a porthole to ancient China.

That’s how I felt when they asked me to follow everyone to the bagel shop up the road for some light breakfast and small talk.

Back to the practice, quickly, because I was new to the whole thing, I had great difficulty quieting my mind and inviting myself into a meditative state. I was understanding the principles and experiencing some decent moments of insight, but to stop the incessant complaining, worrying, planning, calculating, and daydreaming will all but impossible. I was fixated in the past or the future and could not stay in the present, and even though I understood when they said things like: “observe yourself...,” when your mind won’t shut up, that all sounds like rhetoric. Still, it was therapeutic; it was necessary. Of course, though, in my mind I was the only one, out of the six who came to sit that day, who couldn’t achieve a complete state of oneness with the Divine. (Yeah, right.)

Because it was such a small group, including the Master (the main guy who had the key to the place), I was attending this breakfast with the inner circle of the Zendo. Besides the Master, Doshin, there were his number one and two, both women, a couple of zendo regulars, one of whom was writing a book and who taught me to sit with the correct posture and some new chick. I had never seen her before, but apparently she knew everyone well. By the time we got to the bagel place, I realized that it was her cell phone that had gone off repeatedly during the half-hour of silent Zazen. She must have forgotten to shut it off.

Listen, she was a nice enough lady for sure. It’s just how quickly it dawned on me that we weren’t going to have a deep discussion about a chapter in Suzuki’s book at a table for six at Joe’s Bagels. (Suzuki is revered for bringing Buddhism to the West) These were very much normal people and more so, normal Americans. They spoke of their small congregation and the plans they had in store for it. I detected nothing but sincerity, but I could see that the new girl was not “into it.” She was anxious, often going outside to use the phone. She claimed she was in a rush and was constantly checking her watch.

I don’t want to sound self-righteous. I wasn’t expecting her to be some sort of sage, but she was ordained as a priest! I know this because she flaunted it proudly, as if her team won the trophy in the bowling league. Let me put it this way, she spoke about Buddhism like it was a social club, gossiping about the members of her “new” congregation, where it was obvious that she was involved in the see? Politics, again. Add to this, the classy business suit, her rudeness to the waiter, and her overall persona which screamed out, “I’m avant garde from New York City, and I’m very worldly. In fact, I’m an ordained Buddhist!”and I saw a socialite who caught on to something with which to identify.

Now, this woman isn’t hurting anybody, and like I said, she is a nice person all in all. It just shows how the Divine principle becomes a group, and lost souls (all of us) long to identify with groups. They are attracted to it; they want to express themselves in it; government loves to “gather” constituents, and there you have a religion. Only God isn’t involved anymore. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Plume Discusses Zeitgeist (part one)

After sharing his piece on religion and government being one in the same, a friend of The Professor, Craig Blake, furthered the opinion by sharing a link to a film, or actually a series of short documentaries, by director, Peter Joseph, one that unfortunately lacked the mass appeal of more important displays of the latter decade, such as Avatar. Here is the movie description as seen online:  
Zeitgeist is a documentary about a) the origin of christian faith b) how American banks have seized world power at the beginning of the 20th century c) how these 2 items are related to the wars fought in the 20th and 21st century.

As we said, there is now a series of updates and addenda which include the economy, 9-11, and others. They can be found on or somewhere like it on this glorious and ubiquitous home-base called the Internet, our new Zion. They are truly mandatory viewing, and following up with the premise are other works entirely, such as Loose Change and The Obama Deception, also easily found on YouTube.
Unlike some politically motivated presentations in the past, which simply demonized the administration of George W. Bush, this new wave of information sheds a light on the entire government and religious institutions. 

(This new "fad" is simply the opening acts to the movement the professor has been suggesting, or at least, it is a display of the power afforded the people by the information super-highway, the Internet, the monster that can not be controlled by the powers that be.)

Starting from around 300 AD, when our friend Emperor Constantine made Christianity the law of the Roman empire, Joseph's views are identical to the Professor. So, it is agreed that the bible was devised by the Roman leaders, based on the writings of political radical, Paul of Tarus, or St. Paul, mixed with pagan beliefs and hand crafted for the purpose of governing, not saving the eternal soul of its citizens.

However, the movie goes on to actually deny the existence of Jesus Christ altogether, claiming that he was nothing more than a pagan story, based on a long line of characters found throughout Egyptian, Greek, and other ancient civilizations, who supposedly represented the Sun. The argument is very well presented, based on the writings of an author named Acharia S, who has written books about the topic, and artfully entertaining. Unfortunately, according to Plume, this thirty minute segment, entitled The Greatest Story Ever Told, may have made a mistake.

"The religious portion of the film was certainly interesting and entertaining. However, I tend to disagree and believe that Jesus was indeed an enlightened individual, not unlike the Buddha or Aristotle, a man whose sole purpose was to teach and to guide, as others throughout history who have shared the Divine knowledge with us. I come to this conclusion simply because of the truth in his teachings. This is the reason why I say to Christians that following Christ can, indeed, be your salvation. It is the church you should be wary of," Plume said.

He continued, "Of course, no man on this Earth, in his present state of consciousness, can know for certain what happened and who existed over two thousand years ago. Therefore, it is all pure speculation.

"It is my understanding that Zeitgeist was originally intended as an video art display at an exhibit in New York City, and for that purpose, the sky's the limit; in that context, I applaud the show. But, since it is now being used, as it should, to bring a much needed awareness to the people and actually promote a utopian concept called The Venus Project, I feel that perhaps it should have been amended. It's not that the information wasn't valid; I just don't feel that the actual life of Jesus or even his existence is relevant to the ultimate goal. 

"It seems irrelevant whether Jesus Christ walked the Earth performing miracles, or if St. Paul was even accurate in his depiction of him, twenty years after the fact. What is truly noteworthy is the fact that some three hundred years later, the story of his life, along with the laws of God, as presented by Moses in Israel and topped off with their own pagan beliefs (most likely those cited in the film, do you see how it all comes together?), became the Romans imperial law. Then, once merged with government, the Holy Bible, as it was called, never looked back and became the official way to control the masses, turning into the Roman Catholic church.

"However, once you denounce the Christians' Messiah, you alienate millions of Americans, thus invalidating the rest of the film. From this standpoint, if I were pulling the strings, I would probably just eliminate that segment from public viewing outside of an art project. It's just unnecessary.

"With that said, the film is eye-opening and should be the start, not the end, of an all out investigation headed up by the only person each individual on this planet can trust----- themselves."

The movies, at least the addendum, promotes The Venus Project. This is supposedly our Heaven on Earth, not a monetary system, but a system based on resources. We have the resources to sustain everyone on the planet forever. We have energy in the form of solar, tidal, wave, and wind, as well as geo-thermal, and we may find more. Between those mentioned, we can energize the planet forever.

Instead, we use fossil fuels, and would you just look at what that has gotten us. According to the social engineers at TVP, we use airplanes that clog up the atmosphere and can be used to destroy buildings, when they have technology called Mag-Lev trains, which use magnets to propel a shuttle through a tube that runs under water or land and never wears down. It can get to L.A. from here (N.Y.) in a half an hour”  

Plume also comments on the film's exposing of the Federal Reserve, as the centralized bank, which lend us money with interest that is paid directly with an unconstitutional income tax, “It’s unbelievable what has been perpetrated against us. Anyone who has ever felt that pain, that resistance to do what everyone relentlessly told you was ‘the way it is’ and that you had to just suck it up, struggle, save, work your ass off doing NOTHING that allows you to grow as a person.

They are stealing our lives! I, for one, will detach myself from the government in every way, stripping down to the bare necessities and entertaining myself with knowledge. Learning is free, and it is my favorite thing to do. It is power. Mixed with our weapon, the Internet, it can be spread at the speed of light. The Sarcastic Order of Metaphysical Monks, under myself and Yo Dali Mama, are in full support of Peter Joseph and others like him, such as Alex Jones, Zeitgeist, Loose Change, and The Venus Project. I almost see, now, the projections of the world’s end, which always seem to be in the beginning of this century. It is usually based on the fact that things are so bad. I say things are beginning to blossom.

Professor Plume has been acting even stranger than normal; although in his defense, he truly seems to believe something special is on the horizon, and his eyes are fixed up and outward, as they say Alexander’s were. Not that we are suggesting anything here at the Sarcastic Temple. Haha.

Plume to Peter Joseph

Bravo, Mr. Joseph. Bravo. This is just great work and a true display of our power, power that we don’t realize we have or need yet but will soon be proven vital in our fight for freedom, not the freedom they told us we won in 1776, thanks to good old George Washington, but true freedom. To be able to share this knowledge, as Mr. Blake did for me and the others who are in our social knit is critical. Knowledge is power, but without communication, it can never be properly utilized.

Enhanced lines of communication won the war for Lincoln and helped free a great many. I applaud Mr. Joseph for this excellent film, and I salute the beautiful Anarchy of the Internet.

Let’s summarize the movie parts for those who haven’t spent the two-plus hours....yet, and I implore you to take some time out of your “busy” lives to give it due:


It starts off with religion as I mentioned, and it is exactly what we talk about here, post-Constantine. Remembering what I said earlier, let's take it as an artful display for those with a truly open-mind and ownership of his/her own soul.

The film makes some interesting suppositions regarding Jesus Christ, such as illustrating the similarities between many pagan Sun-gods, or Sons of God, including 12 apostles, miracles and death and resurrection. The research is wonderful and it checks out, in some places. Of course, that type of information is always scattered.

Mind you, no single man on this planet in this present state of consciousness could possibly know the exact truth about the very particulars of who, what, when. where, or how, but they build a great argument. They come to the same exact conclusion as we do here: religion and government are one in the same. It is a matter of making rules and enforcing them with divine backing.

That final point, which is perfectly consistent, is all that matters. Although the pagan parallels were interesting and believable, as I said, completely debunking the story of Jesus is simply too much for the fanatics to handle. I mean, come on, these are the same people that believe dinosaurs roamed, at our side, 4000 years ago!

I feel it is safer to leave it open. Jesus’ words ring true with timeless wisdom, whether borrowed from the Kaballah or taught by a man named Jesus at the Sea of Galilee. He can be your “way,” not your governor. That is NOT his mission.

Zeitgeist is all lies!! (condensed)

When you call it a flat out lie and tell Christians that Christ was a recycled pagan god, they shut it off right there. They drop all semblance of rational thought and put up an involuntary shield. Think about it. You are essentially telling them that everything they stand for is a lie, and that may not be exactly correct, nor is it the most important fact. What I mean is, "stroke them."

To prove the point: After watching the entire Zeitgeist, this is all some bible-beater had to say about it:

(This is an anonymous post by a Christian, who disagreed with the film, found on a forum called Spooky, huh? Actually, when I say disagree, I don’t mean to imply a reasonable debate. Religions simply yell blasphemy and condemn the opposition to hell.)

...Most of the information in this video seems to come from Acharya S's book, The Christ Conspiracy (1999), which is a sensationalist book which has zero academic credibility. If you want to learn about Horus you can read the ancient myths about him--
Egyptian Mythology: Horus
Encyclopedia Mythica: Horus
The Eye Of Horus
Tektonics: Horus, Isis, Osiris

Let's go over just some of the data:

1. Horus was not born of a Virgin--that's a lie.
2. Horus was not baptized. That's a complete fabrication. "Anup the Baptizer"?--show me where you find that! That's a lie.
3. Horus never walked on water. He performed miracles, but raising the dead and walking on water were not among them. Nor did he cast out demons.
4. Horus had disciples--but you can't show me a single reference to his having twelve. That's a lie.
5. Horus never taught in the temple at age 12. That's a lie. Read the accounts above--it's not there.
6. Where was ever said that was Horus crucified? That's a lie! He died in a later version of the story and was brought back to life--but Jesus' "resurrection" was more than a mere coming back to life. His body was transformed and changed. Anyways, it was only later added to the Horus legend...

Do you believe it? Sounds like the dinosaur website; doesn’t it? This was my response:


Can you not see the narrow-mindedness of your arguments? Who cares what miracles each one performed performed or how many apostles they travelled with or who was baptized? That has nothing to do with the point. The simple fact is that science, which was born of metaphysics, the philosophy of life and God, as studied by Aristotle, St. Augustine of Hippo, St. Thomas Aquinas and many, many others, disproves everything in the Bible as untrue, as does archaeology, geology, biology, zoology, meteorology, surrounding historical data, common sense, and the very nature of God. It is completely unsubstantiated.

The retorts from the church that I've heard in regard to matters such as dinosaurs or the parting of the Red Sea are ludicrous. They are pointing to vague descriptions of some lizard to be translated as proof that dinosaurs roamed the Earth, 65 million years after every respectable researcher ever to find a fossil suggests they did, and chariot wheels at the bottom the Sea, relatively close to shore, to have verified that tall tale of Moses leading a mass exodus of Jews out of Egypt, something that missed the Egyptian record books.

And, we are to believe that men of that age lived to upward of 900 years of age. Why then is life expectancy at 70 and RISING? Did we flip the odometer?

And you speak of an attempt by Muslims to discredit Christianity, yet they are the same exact religion, both stemming from Judaism! They have the same exact story, same exact concept, and same bibles, minus some additions and corrections, of course. Each religion has even been sub-divided, mainly over bull-crap facts like which son of Abraham did God gave land to. My God would have cleared that up before 3,000 years of bloodshed took place over it.

Moses, who was most likely an Egyptian Pharoah, but was certainly a political figure in ancient Egypt broke off to begin a nation called Israel. He had to make rules built around One God. the reason I say he was the Pharoah, Amenhotep, is because he was known to have supported the God of Aten, one God, the Sun, instead of many gods. See, one God gives you more authority. One king, one God, get it?

So, Moses was pretty successful with that nation, I'd say. Sure, they were conquered by many empires over the next century, but they kept their sovereignty in tact for the most part. They were run by a political/religious group called the Pharisees (and a couple of others, like the Sadducees)

Then, under the Roman Empire, a Jewish Pharisee named St. Paul, who was a known radical and actually spent his last days in jail, began a new upstart political party, Christianity.

Now look, I believe Jesus Christ may have been a truly enlightened individual, even the son of God, as we all are! I say that because his words ring true with the timeless knowledge. It is the same that was known to the Ancient Egyptians, helping them to ascend to higher consciousness and build great pyramids, and to Abraham, the Kaballah, and for that matter, was acheived by Siddharta the Buddha and Lao Tse in the East.

The other thought would be that religion in itself, such as the Ancient Egyptian awareness of spirit and, hence, their amazing understanding of the universe, is born of that same timeless knowledge and the stories are just that...stories. This is where I see your "obvious" discrepancies as petty and pointless. They are stories, and they were hijacked and used to rule and govern. Principles became rules that were justly punishable, even by death, even by war.

So, Paul riled up a new political movement, the Christians, who were persecuted at first until they began to pick up steam and were eventually adopted as the political party/religion of the ruling Emperor, Constantine. Religion, namely Christianity, had made it to the BIG stage, The Roman Empire. Constantine then re-wrote the "Bible" to be a Roman constitution, using their pagan traditions and stories to give it some flair. See, finding the Truth is not that theatrical.

Where do you think Christmas comes from, with Santa Clause and evergreen trees? What about the Easter bunny? They are pagan rituals that were thrown in by the great emperor and those who followed, and they stuck.

The same thing happened when Muhammad altered the Old Testament to form a religion for the tribes of Mecca and Medina to unite under and, thus, to rule them with. It eventually spun that into the Rashiduns, a group that grew to eventually take out the Persian and the Byzantine Empires and came to be know as the Ottoman Empire, now a bunch of people who found oil and opium, are being exploited by our crooked government, and who worship the SAME GOD CHRISTIANS DO.

Listen, there is nothing wrong with uniting again with our Divine source, listen to the words of Jesus and follow them, but nowhere in them do I hear of war or political parties or rules. The commandments are not rules; they are guidelines. Jesus said there were only two, love God and your neighbor. So, tell me; if you did that why would you need to be told not to steal or kill??

Religion divides us, just the way you are so afraid to be associated with a pagan. Do you really believe that EVERYONE who was on this planet before Jesus was born went to Hell? Is that a viewpoint expressed of love? How could it be? How egotistical are we to believe that?

Ancient wisdom remains completely consistent, regardless of the names or the stories, and the so called “rules” are nothing more than resistance to the very nature produced by religion and government, which are one in the same. Do you see that?

Human Beings are not thieves by nature, nor are they murderers. Evil is not inherent in us; it is learned. It is based on fear of not having enough. We all have enough!! It is money that causes evil, which is government and, as you know, is religion too.

We have the resources available to eliminate our fear of loss, which is created by the illusion of scarcity put forth by our government, one that starts and stops the flow of currency and oil and raises the price of goods and keeps us chasing that dollar to the point of barely surviving. That is why we steal and COVET! We need no more currency.

No more government, being allowed to control the rate of progression in our technology. That is what we, as human beings do! We create and build; we progress. We do not use our minds to create an advertising campaign or count money or sell stocks! We are here to grow as a people.

Unfortunately, as long as we are kept divided by religion and government and we say things like, "..those Muslims over there say this and that," without realizing that we are all just Human Beings, we are doomed. And that, my friend, is Hell. As a matter of fact, I would say we are there now!

I was baptized and raised Roman Catholic. I was an Altar Boy and everything. I know the Bible pretty well. Never is Christ self-righteous and yet all Christians seem to be. Christ was not involved in Politics. He was not into damning people to hell. When he speaks of eternal suffering have you ever thought he may have meant inner suffering, such as worry, fear, anxiety, grief, regret? Or evil such as war, murder, theft, adultery...?

If we don't wake up we will just continue to be nothing but cattle. This is what Zeitgeist is!! Embrace it! Stop your petty debates over how many damn disciples some god had compared to Jesus. That is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

What About The Mind?

Human beings love to take care of their bodies, at least they love the idea of it. (Of course, even physical improvement is expected to come in eight minutes these days.) We diet, exercise, tan, style our hair, get manicures, pedicures, even surgery. We try not to smoke or eat red meat or drink caffeine. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy. It’s just peculiar that we spend so much time developing something that we know is going to deteriorate, yet we do nothing to cultivate our mind.

(I didn’t use the word “eternal” to describe the mind because the churchs’ stances are always changing, but I assume one would need a mind to experience the fires of hell or the pleasures of heaven. Then again, that’s just more science hocus-pocus, something about brain sensors and feeling. Really though, do we not identify ourselves by our thoughts? So, why would you care about hell if it wasn’t even YOU that was there!?)

Going back to our obsession with the physical being, think about why that is. Could that be the fear of loss we talk about? the fear of death? Why do we lift weights to build muscles on this body that we are only borrowing for what amounts to be a blink of His eye, but we refuse to give our mind a second to grow? I may be off here, but isn’t that something like polishing your rented shoes every five minutes at the bowling ally and then walking home barefoot through mud? No?

We loved the mind as a small child. We longed to learn everything (before the “age of reasoning,” which is Eve and the apple, which is a point of mental evolution...are you getting that, yet?). At that time, we turned our back on the mental forever. We loved gym class, hated math. We wanted to play, not do homework. If a teacher challenged our brain, we resisted; we panicked. Even those that forced their way through college, did just that..forced it, half the time spacing out or complaining about doing it.

On the other hand, physical fitness is at the top of the list for most college students. They love their bodies. Although it’s not their bodies they love, it’s looking good in order to portray an image, not only to help form relationships, but to form a relationship with. If we truly loved our body, we would see its obvious connection to our mind,...and our mind’s connection to our soul.

It isn’t until we start to see the inevitable decay creep in and begin thinking about death that we concern ourselves with preserving the body, by eating right and visiting the doctor frequently. I see older adults scramble to preserve their finite shell, against nature and despite years of self-abuse, knowing that it will  soon be gone, leaving behind only the part of them which hasn’t even been touched! (Because those who haven’t saturated their soul in bogus religions or squandered it chasing earthly ambitions, die without even taking it out of the box. That’s a shame.) 

How embarrassing will it be to stand before God, in his long white robe and glowing lantern, and have to report that you have learned nothing in your 75 years on Earth, besides how to cook everything on the Denny’s menu or sell life insurance or how to get even with someone or how to pick up women? How embarrassing, indeed.

And will it hurt God’s feelings to discover that you were more anxious without a connection to Facebook than being cut off from Him? Or that you spent more time and effort improving the performance of your Honda then enhancing the Divine vehicle that He gave you for your journey back to him?

Our mind is the point where our soul meets this life and where life is then interpreted to us. In other words, the mind is our translator and our tour guide, as we move through the physical realm. It learns through memory, and it is actually pretty effective when it comes to solving problems, as you see with the development of math and science.

The problem is that 95% of the time, when we aren’t using it to learn important things, like not to touch a hot stove, the mind is ignored, left unattended, locked in a room, and made to watch the same DVD’s over and over (such as the ‘Who I Am’ and ‘Who I Want To Be’ sagas). A lifetime of suppressing its natural thirst for knowledge, collectively for eons, has left the human mind frustrated, starved, ill, deformed, and most importantly, afraid and manic.

While the body shows signs of need, like a growling stomach or a long yawn, and even cars display lights and sounds when it’s time for maintenance, the mind does nothing. It simply conforms and occupies itself with automatic tasks, namely worry, fear, anxiety, and the rest of that gang. 

You could say that the “Devil” takes over. An idle mind is the Devil’s play thing, or something like that. Your mind takes on a mind of its own. Be serious; can you honestly say that you have control over your mind? And yet, we try to control our body without it. Has science not proven a connection between mind and body?

Instead of wasting mental energy on the past or the future, leaving it on ‘auto’ to create bogus emotions that engulf you, then formulating ways to either alleviate or enhance those emotions, why not commandeer it for its intended purpose, to grow closer to the Divine?

As adults, we are out of shape mentally. We need to train, and that doesn’t mean watching the Discovery Channel or doing a crossword puzzle, not even suffering through college courses, even if you are enthusiastic about it. I’m saying study yourself, by yourself. Observe why you do certain things or think a certain way.

It is all about mental observation, and that means emotions too. Once you expose the unattended mind as a fraud, you can gain control of it again. Instead of becoming captivated by your thoughts and feelings and allowing your undisciplined mind to run rough shot, like a bull in the old china shop, dragging you along with it, just WATCH the bull. DON’T try to lasso it, just watch it. Let it buck and kick you around, while you just watch.

I understand that it is against everything we know to not resist, but remember, Jesus did say to turn the other cheek. Simply being aware of your mind, watching it operate on you, and eavesdropping on your own mental chatter, which goes on constantly, is the only text book you will need. I know how crazy that sounds; I really do. Because you see no results in your future, that is, you don’t know what to expect. It is the fabled leap of faith.

A good comparison would be those novelty wall pictures that showed up in shopping malls years ago, where you are supposed to stand about 3 feet away and stare at it until the confusing series of tiny dots changes into a cool 3-D image. They are very frustrating in the beginning. Some people still can’t get it; some catch a glimpse here and there, and others, who have worked at it and, more importantly, were open to the experience, just see it.

An even better parallel would be anything that you devotedly wanted to learn, which may have seemed too elaborate to grasp in the beginning, but ultimately became second nature, or even first. This was my experience when I studied Audio Engineering, 15 years ago. I would cram my brain everyday, but the confusion was overwhelming. Then one day, everything became so clear, first basic electricity, signal flow, and sound, then different equipment and techniques.

Surely, I’m not the only one who has experienced that type of sudden illumination while studying. It‘s born out of persistence, which comes from truly wanting to know something. Now, how could you not want to know everything about this magnificent gift, given to you by the Divine God (the top-tier name brand)

Imagine receiving a futuristic computer or game system (or a car, anything), whose technology was centuries advanced, as a gift today and deciding it was just too complicated to bother with, despite the outrageous claims made about the product, its glowing testimonials, and free tutoring offered by the manufacturer. Would you be satisfied using it as a paper-weight? I suppose those who spend hours on their computer playing solitaire would be just fine with it.

Human beings, with our home theaters and beefed-up car stereos, walk around sporting a stock brain with only the factory pre-sets and their foreheads flashing "12:00 am." And God shakes his head.


Plume has mentioned, at some point, the fact that, by Egyptian accounts, there is no mention of this "Israelite" who brought plagues to the Pharoah, in order to lead the Jews out of Egypt and, ultimately, drown the Egyptian army in the Red Sea. Granted, there was no Daily newspaper, but for ancient people who wrote on rocks, the Egyptians were quite meticulous when it came to recording their history. You would think that such an event would have gotten 9/11 type coverage.

"That was just one of those facts that I had heard forever," he said. "But now that I've decided to smash these heretics known as religious organizations, I came across an account that does make some sense, and actually, fits right in to my explanation of mankind, something that hardly surprises me."

I don't think we have to review the story, but very quickly: Years after Joseph (and his techni-color dreamcoat) won the hearts of Egypt (as he did years later on Broadway), the Pharoah of Egypt turned on the Jews, enslaving them and ordering that all newborns be killed. Moses was spared as a child, sent up a river, found by an Egyptian princess and allowed to "mingle" with Egyptian nobles. Keep in mind he is a JEW, not an Egyptian.

He then beat up an Egyptian for beating up a Jew (bible-ists point to that as definitive proof that he must have been an Israelite, and not an Egyptian), and out of fear, he runs away to herd sheep for 40 years (40 is a big number for him).  

During that time, God speaks to him through a burning bush and commands him to go to the Pharoah and have the Jews released. When Pharoah doesn't comply, God sends the aforementioned plagues, including frogs and locusts, to Egypt and parts the Red Sea, just long enough for Moses to lead the Jews to their new land, and drowns the Egyptian army which was in pursuit.

Do we notice any similarities in these religious stories, whether it's Moses or St. Paul or Muhammad? It is always political. It always involves new land and a new government. Power and conversion are always at the forefront. It's always about separation and segregation. It is typical human greed and corruption. It is always about ego. These are the Devil's traits, clearly illustrated by the Judeo-Christian-Islamo God, over and over again.

So, Moses starts trouble with the Pharoah,  and he heads up a new nation, under God, complete with, you guessed it,.....rules! (The bible talks of a puppet King, named Saul, being the first king of Israel. However, SOME Hebrew, and other, scholars believe Moses and Saul are one in the same. Either way, it fits.)

Take a look at how the Greeks viewed Moses. Does he sound like a dull-witted shepard or an organized politician?  

Greek account of Moses' life:
The earliest existing reference to Moses in Greek literature occurs in the Egyptian history of Hecataeus of Abdera (4th century BC). All that remains of his description of Moses are two references made by Diodorus Siculus, wherein, writes historian Arthur Droge, "he describes Moses as a wise and courageous leader who left Egypt and colonized Judaea." Among the many accomplishments described by Hecataeus, Moses had founded cities, established a temple and religious cult, and issued laws:
After the establishment of settled life in Egypt in early times, which took place, according to the mythical account, in the period of the gods and heroes, the first . . . to persuade the multitudes to use written laws was Mneves [Moses], a man not only great of soul but also in his life the most public-spirited of all lawgivers whose names are recorded.:   
(Personally, I would describe Hitler, Sadam, and any leader as a "spirited lawgiver". 
Just saying....)
Do you remember when we said that the Jews' nation of Israel was the first to use ONE God and reinforce their laws with His Divine authority? We said that it was a pretty good idea for a ruler looking to be a totalitarian monarch. It was a natural upgrade from the pagan Greeks and Egyptians, as the Romans almost 2,000 years later, when they adopted Christianity. 

Well, class, I believe we may have found the man responsible for that innovation: an Egyptian, whose initial attempts were rejected by the pagans, but who, like any power hungry aspirant, persevered and eventually broke off to form his own nation, Israel. Thank you, Moses.

*(Again, some scholars say Moses was the first king, hence he WAS Saul. The bible's version displays Saul as a puppet who looks good for the role:  He was "a head above any Israelite" (1 Samuel 9:2) Either way, does it not fit? The next King was a military commander, David, who incidentally, was a direct descendant of Abraham and chosen by God. Are you surprised by that, class?) 

I came across this article, which suggests that Moses was indeed an Egyptian Pharoah. This is not the first time this theory has come up, but it makes all the sense in the world. Other versions call him a "nobleman." 

It is interesting to follow the link to the article and read the comments, just to see how the religious advocates nervously reject these ideas and how they ultimately come across as ignorant or devious.

The name Moses derives from the Egyptian word mose, meaning "offspring" or "heir", as in Tuthmose: "born of Thoth". In the book of Exodus, it is stated that Moses' life was under threat when the Pharoah decreed death to newborn Israelite males.The reason for this was that their were too many Israelites in Egypt and they were becoming too powerful. So it was pronounced that every son born should be cast into the river. An Israelite woman placed her son in a basket of rushes and set him among the water reeds. The Pharoah's daughter discovered the baby and rescued him, she paid a woman to nurse him and eventually adopted him. It was she who named him Moses. In the very next verse of the bible, Moses appears as a grown man.

Amenhotep III

Historical linguist, Ahmed Osman, has conducted an in-depth research into the identity of Moses using Egyptian records. He believes there was an influential Israelite named Yusef- Yuya (Joseph), who was chief minister to the Pharoahs Tuthmosis IV and his son Amenhotep III. When Tuthmosis died, Amenhotep married his younger sister, Sitamun, so he could inherit the throne. Shortly afterward, in order to have an adult wife, since Sitamun was only a child at this time, Amenhotep married Tiye, the daughter of Yusef- Yuya. It was decreed however, that no son born to Tiye could inherit the throne,there was a general fear that the Israelite relatives were gaining too much power in Egypt. So when Tiye was pregnant, certain palace officials thought that her child should be killed at birth if a son.


Arrangements were made for Tiye's Israelite relatives to nurse the boy. Amenhotep (born 1394 BCE) was educated at Heliopolis by the Egyptian priests of Ra and spent his teenage years at Thebes. During this time his mother had become more influential than the senior queen Sitamun-who had only borne a daughter- Nefertiti. When Amenhotep III suffered ill health, young Amenhotep was brought to the fore. He married Nefertiti in order to reign as co -regent and when his father died he succeeded as Amenhotep IV.
Because of his part Israelite upbringing, Amenhotep IV couldn't accept the Egyptian dieties and developed the notion of Aten - an omnipotent god with no image, represented by a solar disk with downward rays. Amenhotep changed his name to Akhenaten (Glorious spirit of the Aten) and closed all the temples of the Egyptian Gods making himself very unpopular.There were plots against his life and threats of armed insurrection if he didn't allow traditional gods to be worshipped alongside the faceless Aten. 

He was eventually forced to abdicate in favour of his cousin Smenkhkare. Akhenaten was banished from Egypt and fled to the land of Midian. Here, he took another wife, an Israelite named Zipporah. Nefertiti had died a short while before. He then made arrangements to return to Egypt to retrieve his supporters who believed he was the rightful heir, the royal"mose", as they had been placed in bondage under the new, harsh laws.
Moses is described in the Old Testament as being "an Egyptian" and "slow of speech" in the language of the Israelites. Ahmed Osman believes that Moses was in fact the Pharoah Akhenaten. Akhenaten introduced monotheism and closed the temples making himself extremely unpopular. He was later forced to abdicate and banished from Egypt. He returned to lead his supporters out of Egypt to a new life.

Read more at Suite101: Was Moses an Egyptian Pharoah?: Ahmed Osman Believes the Biblical Story Describes Akhenaten

This makes so much sense. It also grants Moses his due as the most influential executive in history, whose vision was followed by men such as Paul of Tarus, Muhammad and Joseph Smith Jr. 

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