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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Beginning and The End...and the Internet

As a footnote, I have no idea why I continue to capitalize these "sacred" words. I’m not sure if it’s to placate these fools so that they might actually listen or if I am subconsciously carrying around some residual fear of my childhood pastor, Monsignor Guido, who would condemn all Jews, including my family physician, sweet, old Dr. Schweig, to hell and once told me, in first grade, to take a hike because I had attended mass in a different parish, that is, my collection envelopes went to a different parish.)

With that said, every time I hear a Bible-beater speak about the creation story, starring Adam and Eve, with historical certainty, I think of a book we read in school about the John Scopes “monkey trial,” where a school teacher in some early southern Christian town took it upon himself to trump the Garden of Eden tale and teach Darwin’s theory of evolution, which was beginning to pick up steam because...basically, what they had was B.S. The book was called Inherit The Wind.

 Anyway, the book centers around the witch hunt trial involving the sharp local D.A. versus the lawyer from the city who defends Scopes and, in effect, the theory itself. And, he said something that I thought made all the sense in the world.

The last time I brought it up was in an argument with a “born again” co-worker who was actually trying to convince me that dinosaurs didn’t exist and that the Earth was only 3,000 years old. (Basically, he takes the Bible literally. I know, I can’t believe it either.) You would think the argument would have been over once I pulled this gem out, since it even worked well in the book, but I have a feeling he didn’t change his mind. Actually, he simply shook his head and expressed sympathy for my soul.

Here it is, and don’t expect anything to complex. According to the book of Genesis, God created the world in six days, (and on the seventh day he watched football.) But, if you look closer, he created light on day one, then on days two and three, he separated the water from the land and made vegetation and crops. It was day four that he created the heavenly bodies, or the “lights in the sky.” Think about that. Day 4? What is a day as we know it? It is the amount of time it takes for the Earth to complete one rotation, because of its relation to the Sun. We spin around the Sun to create seasons, and we rotate, causing day and night to occur.

Only, the Sun and the planets in orbit weren’t created until the fourth day. So, what exactly were we using to measure days 1,2, and 3? They could not have been 24-hour days, because there was no solar system. So, is it not possible that those “days” they speak of were actually a little more than 24 hours, like maybe 52 hours or a few days or a few million years?! It was a Pacino-like moment in the book, and he won his case. That does not mean anyone’s mind was changed, though, which is unbelievable. At any rate, we discussed that yesterday and decided it didn’t matter how we got there.

Yesterday, we spoke about the creation being the point in our evolution where we reached a level of consciousness that allows us to feel fear and, from that, generate emotions. We talked about our perception of time at this level and how we began to form memories, which led to expectations, and a false existence we created in the past and the future, which took us away from the present moment, where we are connected with God and with everything else. This moment, when we broke away from the pack and gained a “soul,” is called Original Sin by the Bible; it is the point where Adam (man on Earth) met Eve (life) and bit the infamous apple. It was the formation of our ego.

So, in terms of beginning and end. The Armageddon we speak of would have to be our movement, once again, into a higher realm of consciousness. To do this, we must shed the illusions we’ve created at this level, which have caused fear and negative emotions that we see as the Devil, and move forward, collectively, until they disappear. If we give in to the Devil, meaning, we stay asleep in that level of consciousness, which perceives time through newly enhanced memory functions, ingrained for survival, that lead to expectations (and so on), we are stuck in what I call fear consciousness, or "hell."

This idea of moving forward collectively is illustrated by a student of Freud, Carl Jung, and his Jungian brand of psychology. Jung believed in a “collective conscience” or sub-conscience, that connected all of us. It explains how all humans seem to have the same tendencies. We are all moved by the same “force” that is fed by all of us, everyday. Christians call it the Holy Spirit.

So, this collective conscience naturally progresses toward a level that not only perceives time, but fully understands its principles and completely sees the “evil” it has created as a result of its ignorance. It is at that moment, illustrated by religion as some system of rewards and punishments, which is a handy tool when it comes to crowd control, that we move forward into “Heaven.” By the way, the concept of the Holy Spirit, reaching out to all of us with the knowledge necessary for that transformation, sounds familiar.

Now, I’m not saying that the Internet is God, although it is the closest thing to omniscient I’ve seen. It is, however, a collection of our factual knowledge, our thoughts and ideas, our questions, our answers, and basically anything you need to find the truth. It is also the closest thing to a collective conscience that I’ve seen. The fact is that the answers we seek, or the resources needed to find those answers, are right there for us. I truly believe we are on our way to eternal happiness, and it only stands to reason that the Internet will play an important role in spreading the Truth. It is the ultimate Holy Spirit.

Of course, don’t forget the Devil rules this “world,” meaning the illusion we have created through our newly acquired ability to create memories, a skill ingrained in us as a means of survival, which has allowed us to perceive time and causes us to have expectations and “feelings” about a person, place, or event, called emotions, namely fear. If we continue to live in that illusory world and serve the “Devil,” then we will never go to Heaven, meaning we will never advance to a higher level of consciousness.

What do you think?

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