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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jesus and The Devil

During his morning meditation, enjoyed while the professor grabs a cup of joe, Yo Dali Mama thought about Jesus and the Devil. Who are they? What do they represent? Again, YDM and Plume are faced with the Augustine situation, where St. Augustine of Hippo claimed to know everything there was about time, until someone asked. He fumbled and stuttered some mumbo-jumbo into the recorder about fear and our perception of time. He was certainly on to something, but this type of understanding is not easily contained or explained. Insight comes and goes quickly. It has to do with fear.


I believe the Devil is fear. More specifically, Original Sin is our evolution of consciousness as we begin to perceive time, create memories, and feel emotion and fear. We began to see things as having a beginning and an end. We see that we are mortal and it brings fear. We lose our initial connection; we develop memory as a survival skill and become engulfed in recollections of the past, which we use to project the future. 

Adam and Eve may be this moment in the evolution of consciousness in homo-sapiens. It’s not that far-fetched, when we see that the word Adam means “man on Earth” and Eve means “life,” to think that when man meets life, or is born, he began to sense time, feel emotions, and form memories in which to dwell and fade away from the present moment where you are connected to God. Hence, the void, and the need for relationships. (Remember the atoms? They always look to form bonds. Just like we do, with others, with a hairstyle, with a car...etc.)

Our perception of time is directly related to our emotions, as we see when we are having fun and the time flies, or vice-versa. Fear is directly related to evolution. As our memory developed, so did our understanding of time, of course in the relative way we know it. We know time by comparing incidents, but we have no internal clock. You can see this by looking at dreams. They seem to last forever, but are actually only minutes, or seconds, long. This is time; it’s relative. It flies when you’re having fun, but God is not bound by time and space.

I said Original Sin is fear. When Adam bit the ridiculous apple, it was the evolution of our collective consciousness entering into a new realm where we perceive fear and understand principles of time. An insect doesn’t know that he’ll die soon. Cats don’t drink spring water so they stay healthy and live longer. These are functions that can only be tapped by a higher level of consciousness, and we happen to be #1 in that department. 

The interaction of time and fear create emotions. THAT’S WHAT EMOTIONS ARE! They are the evolution of the innate flight or fight survival tactics. They incorporate the use of memory, and we constantly call up feelings from the past and imagine the future based on it. According to Darwin, our emotions are learned and aren’t even real, since they are based on fictional events in the made up worlds of the past and future.

OK. So, Christians say Adam (man on Earth) and Eve (life) realized they were naked. Darwin says our brain development leads to emotions. Does it matter how we got there? As we said, Darwin suggested that although emotional expressions are initially learned behavior, they eventually evolve to become innate in a species because they have survival value. Recognition by one animal that a second animal is afraid rather than angry, for example, allows appropriate survival actions to be undertaken.

When our brains reached a level of perception, we began to think and form expectations, through memory.
There are different theories regarding the relationship between mind and body when emotions are felt. Remember, we only use a small portion of our brain. We've seen ESP and all the other "magic" that must reflect a higher state of understanding, in regards to time and space. It makes sense that Jesus could perform miracles and Buddhist monks has some mystic power.

Simply, we sense fear because we feel loss, because there is a void, because we disconnected, because we entered a new realm of consciousness. We are always looking for a relationship with something, whether it’s another person, physically, or just your identification with another person, or type of person. You form a relationship with the way you dress and with an image of yourself that you have created based on illusions in your own mind. (If you jumped inside of someone else’s head, you wouldn’t recognize the place, because the world you know is shaped for you, by you, according to your perceptions.)


I could never understand exactly why Jesus did what he did. Why did he have to die for our sins? I believe Yo DM may have come up with the answer. First of all, Jesus was a fully enlightened individual, one who had reached a level of consciousness that saw through physical pain and mortality.  

He wasn’t a zealot; although, he had some spiritual groundwork. Somehow he stumbled onto this higher level of consciousness, the reason is irrelevant, and like I said earlier, when somebody becomes enlightened, there is nothing they can do, but teach and show compassion. Jesus had to do that. (You could say his father told him)

Again, whether or not he used this type of rhetoric will never be verified. This could easily have been the work of the Romans or just poor translations. Imagine a small charter school founded on the principles taught by a man 40 years earlier, with one old man left who had witnessed things, except the Resurrection, of course. 

I was practicing at a Zendo, off and on, for 3 years. After 2 years of meditation and solid practice, even if I had seen my master (Susan Jion) rise from the dead, I would not be the most reliable source to use in finding the truth 40 years later. As I joked before, I’m curious how much John got in the book deal?

Jesus had a very limited time, while the Buddha had forty years of solid schooling. Even if the New Testament were guided by the Holy Spirit, meaning his apostles found themselves and their connection to God rather quickly, we are talking about second, third, and fourth hand accounts, BEFORE surrendering to the pagan Romans, who dissected it to their liking.

Jesus was so enlightened, he had reached such a level of consciousness and had such an understanding of time and fear, that he felt no pain, or rather, he accepted pain. He KNEW he would be crucified, because he understood things. He just KNEW. The monks in the East are said to have mystic powers, although they are against performing them to teach, but it makes sense. We have witnessed ESP, or mystics, who can control matter. It is a higher level of consciousness, with a greater understanding of time and space. The brain has much unused area. We know this.  

Obviously, he was higher than us, because I wouldn’t do what he did, but even he was nervous about it. He knew what he had to show people, that only the physical body dies. He had to show them to accept pain. He saved us from fear! Not Original Sin. That is Original Sin. Original Sin=Fear. 

But, imagine a Roman soldier finding the Christianity pamphlet out in the street somewhere and bringing it to the Emperor, or someone in his administration. Would he be able to correctly convey Jesus’ teachings? Really? 

Plume often draws comparison to St. Augustine, who once claimed to be certain
he completely understood the concept of time, until somebody asked him.

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