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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Hawk........ and Politics

The Hawk

I’m sure I’ve mentioned the Hawk before. I maintain that I was visited by a Hawk on the day that I began to wake up. He didn’t speak to me. The bird just loudly appeared on the window sill and stared through the window at me for about 30 seconds. Do I believe in omens? Why not? As cool as it is, though, I try not to discuss it much and here’s why:

I believe this is your own writing, but where is all this knowledge coming from? Are these your own deductions based on what you have read? What I mean is has this stuff been rolling around in your head for years or have you suddenly become enlightened? Because you know if you credit the hawk with this, then it kinda flies in the face of the facts that you have been writing about.

Yes, that was mom after she read a few of these blogs. I have to laugh. Where is all of this knowledge coming from? No. It’s not the Hawk who told me this. I have been studying this for seven years, but it's no wonder she didn’t realize that. Yes, I had been reading books written by spiritual masters, or enlightened individuals, including the words of Jesus and Buddha, and I’ve been meditating, but it’s not like I went off to India and joined a monastery, or took classes on world religion. Everything I needed to know, though, was inside of me.

 Do you see the assumptions in that email? I must have gotten this information, or this enlightenment, from somewhere outside of myself, a book or school, or a predatory bird. Someone made the comparison to a tree; everything that tree needs to be complete is inside of one tiny seed. All of the answers are inside of you. The rest are only the trivial aspects of Wiki-facts that, I swear, you already know. That is to say, the actions of humans throughout history is very predictable.


Back to Mom for a minute-- One of my many relationships with life, meaning of the false relationships that I had formed in my mind to identify myself with, was what I believed to be my mother’s perception of me, which was not only incorrect, but false. That is to say, one of my motivations for doing whatever I did in life was to satisfy what I thought was an obligation necessary to gain the approval of my mother. That’s the ultimate relationship, the same attraction that brings us to “God.”

Of course, mothers also feel that bond to their children, although they identify with them, as well, and therefore, they place the same rules on them as far as what is expected. It sounds bad, I know, but while our parents do have that fundamental attraction to us, which we recognize as love, the greatest force we know of, their relationships with us are based on them wanting “what’s best” for their children, (because, of course, they know what that is)--not to mention the direct reflection on their false projections of themselves, the most important thing to human beings these days.

Lately, my mother has been reading this blog (and she may be the only one), and it may be the first time that she’s listened attentively to what I had to say. I don’t blame her. She mentioned the other day that she was surprised to find such open-mindedness in me, being that I used to argue with her vehemently in favor of the evil Republican party and, more specifically, George W. Bush. She said she knew I’d come around to realize that the Democrats had it right the whole time. It’s funny because she was serious.

It was just before I started seeking the truth. Call it the darkness before the dawn, although it was the logical first step in the journey. I was fast asleep before 9/11, ignorant to what was controlling us and who was in charge. I had to start with the vermin, and these politicians do a wonderful job of indoctrination on talk radio.

So, yes, I believe I was mistaken for a year or two, when it comes to political views, but that doesn’t mean that I chose the wrong party. Politics is just a byproduct of the life we have created for ourselves through our new eyes, the ones that perceive time. When 9/11 happened, I was in a deep sleep. This made me look up, and the first thing I saw was the government.

 To be more accurate, the attacks stirred up emotions inside of me. The same emotions we have been discussing. The conservatives were offering immediate justice. Before then, I knew NOTHING about politics. I assumed THIS WAS real life. The opposition to the Iraq war had it right in theory. They claimed they wanted to “understand” the attackers, and so did I, except they are so fixed in the illusory world (as all politicians are) that their deductions were farcical. For example, they don’t hate us because we treat women fairly.

Politics is the very embodiment of the world we created through our false perceptions. The beginning of civilization, also called the age of reasoning or the apple, is marked by the beginning of organized government. So, to say that government=The Devil is very accurate, but we knew that already. It would also be accurate to say government=religion=The Devil. We’ve seen that throughout history, including the Middle-East right now. (Anyone who is going to tell me that church and state are separate in the U.S. should really go back to the beginning of this blog and read, because you missed it.)

Why is it that nobody was oppressed or poverty-stricken before government was formed, before civilization, before Original Sin, before The Devil was given dominion over the Earth, before Eve told Adam to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge, literally translated to mean before "life" gave  "men on Earth" the fruits of knowledge, or as Darwin and the atheist scientists would suggest, the evolution of intellect in human beings, from the innate flight or fight survival skill that uses memory and fear, to the incidental formation of emotions that signify to us what is good and what is evil?

There is a natural attraction to the truth, and we know instinctively that this life based on expectations and learned emotions is not real. We try to repair the damages when they get overwhelmingly obvious, like when people are starving. (Of course, we perceive hungry through our own ideas, in relation to our full stomachs.) We probably have a bit of guilt as well, knowing why they are starving. It is funny to watch us try to solve the problem with more of the same thinking, though.

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kathy said...

You may think it foolish for people such as myself to involve themselves in politics and to vote. I wish there were no governments and no religions, a brotherhood of man. Imagine. But the world is what it is. The government and corporations have all the monetary power. The people have the power of the vote. I pay attention in order to keep these greedy fools in line and I vote to preserve the freedom of people, such as yourself, to write the truth as you see it without fear of reprisal.

Dr. Frank Plume PhD., Sarcastic Order Of Simple Metaphysicists said...

I can't find where I ever said that involving yourself in politics is foolish, but if I did, please disregard that. Politics is politics. It's religion that is the fraud.

I do think that all three are evil and are synonymous with the devil and war. I think you should definitely keep an eye out for a righteous leader, perhaps another Alexander the great.

There is no doubt that government plays a huge part in shaping the world. Alexander wanted a united world. Call me crazy, but I see many parallels with the internet.

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