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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mom Has Questions, Of Course!

Plume is now engaged in a small discussion with Mom about life:

So, my mother prepares me and then fires away with the most insulting thing you could say, using a word that will burn the ears of every wannabe writer. It's funny. It was so piercing that I didn't even fully catch on until the end. Anyway, this is just me scribbling an email back to her. I'm only trying to show her something obvious. If you think I'm an asshole or I'm just wrong, tell me and save my mother from me. Anyway,  she read the last response, and action:

Don't be insulted, but is this a result of your own deductions based on what you have learned or did you plagerize it? Either way it is very good. In a different time or country, you would be labeled a heretic (like Martin Luther) or a blasphemer (like Jesus). What about the gospels? Are they not accounts of his life from Jesus's followers? You once told me what your professor said about God, who can't be all loving and omnipotent, it must be one or the other. I thought that made a lot of sense. Anyway, keep writing, I find it very interesting.

So, I said:

I am not insulted. I'm actually flattered that you would think that. But I will tell you this only once, and if you know me to be someone who tells lies then disregard it (but I highly doubt that):

I AM A WRITER. I DO NOT PLAGERIZE!!!! This is coming from nowhere but inside of ME. I'm plagiarizing as much as anyone who writes a book based on knowledge they've acquired from reading. I'm commenting on the Bible. This is my book report on the Bible. No plagiarizing...illahh...I hate that word. 

It's just a opinion based on facts, written instantly after I read your emails. That's why they are not grammatically perfect. I just write and when I am unsure of a fact, I will check it. I'm not trying to flash my writing talent; I'm trying to share my enlightenment as Yo Dali Mama.

Once you get it, all of those mysteries fade. You can clearly see what happened to the religions of the West. I laid it out for you. It's also obvious that they are based on rules. Everywhere you look you are told "thou shalt (not)," never, "It is recommended that you should." no they want, "you will burn for eternity if you don't...." (I wonder how we will burn with no bodies.) Anyway, they are not rules. All of the Commandments are, like the Buddhist Noble Truths, suggestions to find happiness, not rules to stay out of hell. That's government crap! 

*The Bible is and always was a political tool. Rather than a rulebook, read the "guidelines" of Buddha. There are multiple sites with information and translations. The Buddhist teachings are like instructions to build a wall unit. He taught for forty years and retired with a full pension. He developed a system; he sold instructional DVD's.

Religion plays no part in governments of the East. They're secular. You can not misconstrue the Buddha's teachings like that. In fact, the emperor was a Buddhist, and there were times throughout history when THEY ACTUALLY USED BUDDHISM TO UNITE THE DYNASTY!! I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP!  They didn't care about the historical facts. They lived by the teachings of the Buddha in his life, where he taught in an organized fashion for forty years. He showed people how to live, step by step. It was philosophy, not stories. If the Buddha ate a fruit which grew in the region, it doesn't mean everybody has to eat that fruit. 

There have been no Holy Wars out there despite the fact that four main religions co-exist. See, there is no fact to argue, like which son of some made up, 200 year old dude, was promised land by God. That ridiculous story has cause millions and millions of deaths! Those religions are identical. It's the same exact BS story.

Let me answer your questions now. I thought I did illustrate all this already.

The gospels you ask? Oh yes, I mentioned this in length. The first person to write anything about Jesus was a man named Saul around 20 years after the resurrection. He was a Jewish pharisee who was on his famous road to Demascus when he was hit with a blinding light, and he had a vision. (Who knows exactly what that vision was? I'm not sure, but I a hunch it involves an infomercial.)

For whatever reason, he decides to hit Jerusalem and ask about Jesus' death. At least, that's what he said he did, as if Jesus' death was on pay-per-view. Remember, it's not like it won the Oscar 20 years before that.

Let's say he DID go to learn of this man named Jesus (and that's IF there was a guy named Paul and this wasn't drawn up by some slicksters over a jug of wine.) His pool of credible sources is a handful of people who may have seen the dude get crucified, a few guys who claimed to have spent a  year or so with him (no, they could not under swear under oath; there was no such thing as the Bible yet.) Unfortunately, those who saw him rise from the dead were unavailable for questioning. Sure, they told everyone that he rose from the dead, but after twenty years, memory starts to fade. By the time Paul got there, Jesus' fifteen minutes of fame were up.

Paul was running around rallying support for something. (It's a little blurry. Sorry, we can't record people's motives 2000 years after the fact.) For some reason, he was really pushing this thing, running ads, and telling stories about a man who claimed to be the Son of God and was killed by the government twenty years prior. To hammer this home, that would be comparable to me writing a blog about David Karesh and his message, allegedly based on testimony from a guy who claims to have spent a little time in his outfit and swears to everything except the resurrection part.

In our scenerio, that would be Matthew, who decided to cash in on his own version shortly after Paul. There's your gospel, the SECOND one written. The first was written by Mark in 65 AD, then Matthew in 75AD (40 years later. I wonder how much he made on that book deal?), then Luke from Matthew and Mark , then John, who did in 90AD. (John's was a cheesy 3D version, plus the guy that played Jesus in the first three died of an overdose in 87AD. John's version really jumped the shark, if you ask me.) By the way, who knows what that scoundrel, Peter, was up to. That hooligan couldn't stay out of the clink. He died in jail a few years later.

The other books were also written by second and third-hand accounts until whatever crap they had was finally taken by Constantine, who chose what he liked, threw in some pagan rituals like the evergreen tree and the sacrificial rabbit and eggs, and Woi Lai! Catholic Bible! Piece of Garbage! Totally missed what Jesus was trying to say. He should have stuck around longer. Two weeks is not long enough. The Buddha taught for 40 years. He had his own University when he died.

BTW, when he died, it was called his Last Nirvanah; he gave a pop-quiz! No mystery like Jesus. When Jesus was on the cross dying, finishing up his two-day crash course, he says nothing to his people. Then, for fun, he tells the guy next to him, "I say to you, this day, you will be with me in my father's kingdom." But, some people seem to believe he said, "I say to you this day, you will be with me in my father's kingdom." Does he mean that he will go to Heaven today, as in, we'll be landing some time tonight? or was he just telling him right then and there? (in front of the cameras)  Unfortunately, the only one who can corroborate the story died later that evening. So, that will forever be a source of great debate.

1,000 years worth of emperors, dark ages, a renaissance and kings, (don't forget the Knights of Templar, the supposed Illuminati!), Europe gets flooded with the Catholic church, guy named Martin Luther comes in 1500 and breaks into a million sects, picking what rules work for them. English settlers come to America, starting with the crazy Puritans and the Jamestown cannibals. (Religious zealots and rotten scoundrels ! haha! Perfect.) The Bible was right there as the model for the constitution, which as we have heard over and over, was built on  it. They're RULES!

The Muslims have a similar story. Muhammad and the Ottoman empire, who took over the Romans during the "Dark Ages." (They're not that dark to Arabs.) That Israel nonsense was going on then. Not because of U.S. infidels and not because of dumb-ass Abraham and his sons, but because Israel has all the water. It's the fertile crescent. They cant do anything with that desert land. The Christians back up the Jews because they "believe" that Israel must be in place for the Messiah to come again. But that's bullshit; it starts with their conflict against the Turks. Nowadays it's oil! So we keep our hand in the area, backing Israel. It has nothing to do with religion.

Oh, why does religion denounce science? Because it will disprove it. That's why scientists are viewed as unholy. They would probably love God. They just can't buy that crap. It's makes the National Enquirer look like the Times!

The facts that I cite are facts. It is my deduction (or theory) as to how history developed throughout the years, but I think the way I explain it, it is pretty much indisputable. Of course, I can't know exactly. The emperor did put Christianity up and Muhammad threw up Islam for the Turks. It is the same religion. These holy books have been used to form governments starting with the Roman empire. It all fits. Except where are the Indians and the Orientals and the African tribes or the Aborigines? 

Well, Islam added a nice piece to cover that. THEY say that after the Garden of Eden, the couple were forgiven by God; then God grabbed a handful of dirt from five different areas of the Earth, and made five different men. That explains the different ethnic groups. Problem solved!

Please Mom, don't ever use the word plagerize in front of me again. Say, "Did you copy this?" Come on. I'm a writer.

Oh, excuse me. You asked about my professor who said that God couldn't be both all-loving and all-powerful:

Oh yes the omniscient and all loving. Well, I could only say that  the statement comes from the view that terrible things such as natural disasters, sickness, (wicked diseases like AIDS may be government induced but anyway) are “bad” or “evil” or “mean”. We hate loss. I will show you the Truths of Buddhism, and this is the main idea.. We must accept change, accept loss. Plants die; they wilt. Life is perfectly balanced. Remember I said that when a tree dies it leaves nutrients for more to grow. We just have to accept pain and not say that God does not love us when something we don’t want to happen happens.

*My personal opinion, again deduced from all the teachers, is that we have reached a level of intelligence through evolution that has enabled us to feel higher frequencies of life; we call them emotions. I say that because it is believed that only higher mammals like dogs or apes feel fear. We don’t think a plant or a beetle can. So, maybe we are just the most advanced. We need more than just historical data. We’re dealing with principles and philosophies. The stuff  Jesus “taught,” not what he DID.

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