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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If You Find The New Testament Bogus, It Is. But It's Not Jesus' Fault......look East

Recently, I've been corresponding with my mother via email, and the conversation has turned to religion and her faith. She suggests that her faith may be waning. I tried to explain it the best I can. I told her to recall her very first memories, as a child in her crib. Then, I asked her if she remembered being angry. 

My first memory is concise; it's just me lying in a dark room, but I wasn't afraid. So, why then did I need a night-light at the age of seven? (and sometimes now)  Do you remember being pissed off at things as a baby? Neither do I. Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed. They had no ego, no preconceptions of good and bad, or what SHOULD be. Well, "Adam" means "man on earth" and Eve means "life." So, when man meets life here on Earth, he becomes aware of these things; he eats the "apple." Ego is formed and it's bye, bye God.

Jesus' teachings were all dead on, of course, but think about it. What is the New Testament? Jesus saw what it was all about, just like Siddharta the Buddha. The Buddha was Jesus of the East. (BTW, I realize that Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel to Noah to Abraham to Isaac to Jacob to Joseph, then a couple more generations to Moses, and in that time Egypt rose to be a nation, with Pharoahs and everything. They explain it very well; in fact, they have the exact lineage down. Of course, back then, men lived for upwards of 900 years. It was shortly after that, we flipped the odometer, and are now up to around 75. 

Except, they make no mention of the Buddha and Orientals, the African tribes, the American Indians, or the Aborigines. The Muslims took care of that discrepancy. In their Adam and Eve story, God forgave the couple, and then went on to grab dirt from five places on the Earth to make five new men, new races. Ah Ha! Problem solved.

Ok, anyway Jesus taught disciples for about 2 years, and he taught good stuff. But the new testament mainly focuses on his last week, when he came to Jerusalem, died and was resurrected. Unfortunately, the Christians seem more concerned with the events, and his teaching takes a back seat. Plus, there was only two years, and it was very vague and left for interpretation because they always portray God as a man who can be negotiated with, who has emotion and shows anger. That's not God.

Anyway, as vague as it was, what are we following? The first recording ever of Jesus was 10 years later by Saul, who had a vision of his death and returned to Jerusalem. Then, Saul (Paul) wrote letters about it that were to be used as the basis for everything. So, letters by a man who wasn't even there started everything, followed by more writings spread out over the next 200 years based on Paul's letters. So, now we have accounts of an event that was shrouded in mystery at the time it happened, recorded second hand, 10 years after the fact, and then used to spark the New Testament centuries later.

That mangled, ridiculous account of things, which couldn't possibly have been historically accurate, much less could have grasped the message Jesus was trying to deliver, was the basis of an opposition group to the Pharisees, called the Christians, who were already split into sects with different opinions, and who were being fed to lions by the Romans, because of their disruptions. 

Finally  Emperor Constantine, a true Roman politician, recognized that they were gaining support. So, as a political decision, he decided to make it the "religion" of the empire. Now we have the Holy Roman Empire. By the way, he picked and chose what parts he liked and threw out the parts he didn't. I mean, by then it was so far removed from what Jesus meant it didnt matter anyway. This is what gave the bible life. Trust me, a few letters written by some average Joe 2000 years ago doesn't become what it is today without help from the big propaganda machine!

Now the Bible was in the hands of the Romans. Do you hear people explain Easter and Christmas as being pagan holidays? They are. The evergreen tree and the sacrificial rabbits and their eggs is a pagan (Roman) tradition that Constantine and those after him threw in there. Now, you have a pagan/mangled account of Jesus' life (not so much his teachings, really) that was passed through the Roman Empire and was the Roman Catholic church, all the way through the middle ages, the crusades. The bible has been used as a political tool for 2000 years, used to shed blood for centuries.....and so was Islam.

I know in World Religion class, they like to have you study the different religions like they are totally separate and unique, with different God's, but, they are the exact same religion!!! Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all one in the same. They are political parties, feuding over who was promised Israel by God, and that one dispute was used to drive over 1700 different conflicts between Jew and Muslims, not over a stupid pact, over land, period. 

Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism (which was split apart by Martin Luther in the 1500's and became a million things) are all politically driven religions that have NOTHING to do with the word of God. The whole thing about 40 virgins is crap. It's just a radical interpretation used by men who want power. They aren't killing us because we are infidels!! They are killing us for political power, to get us out of their affairs! The suicide bombers and terrorists are just poor desperate, uneducated people who will believe anything. The educated people in places like Turkey or Iran know this is crap.
* And if it is really God, I want nothing to do with a God who would rather see millions slaughtered than come to a hand shake agreement over a 3000 year old verbal pact.

Now take Jesus' counterpart in the East, who again, is left out of the Bible somehow, Siddharta the Buddha. He also has a biography. He was born wealthy. He left his wealth to join the poor people and become enlightened. He finally reached enlightenment under a tree. He then spent 40 years teaching monks. FORTY years! They lived in different monasteries and he just "taught" all day long, the same exact principles Jesus was trying to teach. Then he died in what was called the final Nirvanah.(In fact, there's a great book that I reviewed on google and I have to get now called "The Good Heart." It was written by the Dali Lama and it is his thoughts on the new testament. What I've read is awesome.)

Buddhists, on the other hand, are studying from recorded accounts of his life written by many, many monks who followed him and were constantly with him, being taught principles everyday for FORTY YEARS!! Buddhism is not involved in government. In fact, in most regions, governments would suppress Buddhism. 

Buddhism accepts science. The western religions must reject science, are you kidding me? That's why scientists in the west are seen as anti-God. No, they're not. They just know how preposterous the Bible is and have no other choice, but if the church were to accept science, it would blow the whole thing out of the water!

There have been no political decisions based on Buddhists beliefs. There have been no Holy Wars waged between the three related religions of that region, Confucism, Buddhism, Taoism (the east's answer to Jew, Muslim, Christian), because there is nothing to dispute. The Dali Lama pleads with the west constantly to stop the fighting, but he has no political clout compared to them.

If he makes too much noise, the Muslims, who control the region, (and who accept the Buddha as a saint right now) will be very upset and can make things difficult for the Buddhists there in Tibet/India. He probably looks at them as fools, although that isn't their thinking.

So, basically there is only one truth. The difference is whether you want to listen to people who look like you, but are using the account of an enlightened man's life, with his teaching as a side-note, as told by the government-regulated National Enquirer X 1,000,000 or people with slanted eyes who are following 40 years worth of detailed, recorded teachings of an enlightened man, with his life as a side note.

There are other ways, too. If you're just more comfortable knowing the principle truth of God by calling it(Him) Jesus, then you should check out Christian Mysticism. It is as old as Christianity itself, based on the teachings. It's pretty cool. That Dali Lama book is awesome too.  It's very difficult to explain such things, and even if basic discrepancies are pointed out, they've been pointed out before. That's why there are so many atheists. It's not that they hate God. Most of them are dying to have God in their life. They just can't buy the bullshit. I don't blame them. Look to the east!

**For the record, Buddha's life was similar to Jesus in some ways. His mother was said to have dreamt of a white elephant charging into her side, and ten years later he was born. He was a prince (jesus was a carpenter), but at age 30 he left to seek God and found it at 35 under a tree called the Bodhi tree, blah, blah, blah. This may have been used as a cool story too, but it isn't stressed at all. The Dali Lama says that would be like showing up in an emergency room with an arrow sticking out of your ribs, bleeding to death and saying, "Before this arrow is removed, I need to know the name, history, religion, family history..etc of the man who will pull it out." I thought that was good. lol Think of that.


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