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Monday, October 18, 2010

An Email In Response To Mom's "Straight Forward" Comment.

Sorry about the caps. I guess I was passionate. I was trying to be as direct as I could be without reading like a children’s book.

PLEAD READ THIS.  Religion was hijacked by the emperor. It was used to control the masses throughout the Roman Empire. Then, the Romans were invaded by Arabs; these were the people that generated from Abraham's other son, Ishmael. Muhammad, WHO WAS  A POLITICIAN AND GENERAL, used the EXACT SAME RELIGION TO START THEIR EMPIRE, THE TURKS,  THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE!!!!! They took the Jewish Bible, that same shit with Abraham, Noah, and Moses, slightly changed, making Ishmael the man, SO THAT HE GETS ISRAEL! (I don’t blame the Mormon dude for trying this. He did OK for himself.): Remember, MOM:  St.Paul=Muhammad  Buddha=Jesus

(BTW, the Indigenous people of Arabia/Eurasia-Africa, like the Indigenous people of America  and the Aborigines in Asia and Australia, are spiritual, none of this BS. They were taken over by the Ottoman, like the Indians by Christian puritans from England.)

So, Muhammad said he was visited by an angel, I think Gabriel, who gave him a tour of heaven and hell! lol There he saw the 70,000 virgins and 70,000 of a lot of things, whatever!! Don't you get it right there? OK so, it gets better. He takes over Mecca. He immediately starts the fighting. He takes over the highly agricultural Medina, makes it a holy place, and goes after the Jews for land, business as usual, but he is now running his government using the same trick the Romans are, so they clash, BOOM, dark ages! (The roman empire at that time had a split, the West fell and they became known as Byzantines.)

But Christianity came storming back with more bull shit, the Knights under King Arthur and the Holy Grail! (Also, the Knights of Templar, who they say is the Illuminati) It is another way to say, "Christianity is back! But now it’s England. Please note that England uses the new, Protestant slants." In the 17th and 18th century, after the Renaissance, when the Europeans began to discover new land, the British gained dominant control of North America, and remember which group came over from England, the Puritans. We hear that they came seeking religious freedom, and that’s technically true. They had their own interpretation of Christianity. Remember, this was during a time of reform in the church. Protestant groups formed to separate from the Roman Catholic model. The puritans were anti-Catholicism, and they were a political party, of course. They came for the same reason everyone came, greed, power, control---negative forces, the Devil, whatever.

Another group that got here was the Jamestown crew, who met Pocahontas, they were just profiteers. SNAKES AND RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS! God bless the USA. Anyway, I think you should have it from there. Those settlers don't want to pay taxes to England, so they form their own "mini-government," of course based on religion. Here we are.

Buddhist monks were were not involved in politics and vice-versa. That's where you see Communism. The same people who turn to some ridiculous religion in the West, meditate and study Buddha’s words in the East. (Could that be why they are smart? Ancient Chinese are VERY WISE!! Do you notice that? I'm just saying. BTW, Do you think this is worth writing? or is it too obvious?)

No government is ever going to be good; government itself is a form of the ego. On Bush, theoretically I agree that a society run by born again Christians would be horrible.

I voted Bush in ‘08. lol

Plume often draws comparison to St. Augustine, who once claimed to be certain
he completely understood the concept of time, until somebody asked him.

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