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Friday, October 15, 2010

In response to distress by one of Plume's long time friends regarding his dire financial circumstances, the professor, who is no stranger to a menial lifestyle, tossed the problem over to Your Dhali Mama. YDM responded:

All that you need will be provided for you. Money is only a means of acquiring the life that YOU THINK YOU WANT, meaning you are trying to take your life out of God's hands and control it on your own. This thinking will bring a person nothing but misery, because money will never erase your desire to HAVE, it will only increase it. No amount of money will satisfy our craving, because what we crave is not for sale. It's inside of us, and we don't even know it because we are asleep. Human beings have a hunger to be whole. Wake up and be complete! 

A poor person, whose desired lifestyle is shaped by society's collective greed, doesn't realize this. The same exact society, which creates that void in the first place, tells us we need money to fill it. Television, magazines, movies, and other forms of media are used  to tell us from birth that money will get the "things" that it will make all of your dreams come true. They bombard you with fines and fees and other expenses that are mandatory in order to live a "proper life." Wouldn't you be satisfied if you tripled your income? But do you notice how a person with triple your income still chases money? The void is NEVER filled by money.

Do you also notice that rich people are always the most troubled individuals on the planet? How many times have you said, "Damn, if I had that kind of money.......what's wrong with that person?" I know I have, many times. So, why are people with all the money always either suicidal or absolutely crazed over their riches, spending endlessly and endlessly seeking more? Because they've realized that money is not the answer, so they either give up or try harder and harder until they're manic. Many turn to drugs to fill the void and that's especially true with rich people, and many are just rich enough to kill themselves with those drugs long before they lose everything. Either way, it ends in a miserable death. 

Then there are the few that have lost everything and survive. If you listen to any fallen star who has hit rock bottom, spending his last dime on something that will take the pain away, and has emerged from the rubble, you can bet your a$$ that they know GOD.  As a matter of fact, take anyone who is recovering from some pleasure seeking vice, like drugs or gambling, or some other self-destructive behavior, and the road to a healthy, new life is never MORE MONEY! It's always God, or some form of self-actualization; the name is irrelevant. By the way, why would somebody with all of the money and power in the world need to seek pleasure anywhere else, like for instance, a chubby intern down the hall? Have you ever wondered? Surely that would not be the case if YOU were given such things.

This type of mentality is fueled by our very existence on Earth, which is also known as the "Devil's" realm, because he controls it. He offers power and money to men in exchange for their soul. (Any good catholic alter boy, such as myself, remembers the story of the devil tempting Jesus with wealth, in fact, he tempts people all throughout scripture.) Those in power didn't get there without paying a price, whether they know it or not. They do his work by creating this money-hungry society where everyone's out for the benjamins. That's exactly what "the Devil" (also known as ego...etc) wants. Hence, money being the root of all evil. It only tears you away from God's light, thinking you now have control of your life, to shape and mold it as you wish with all your cash; except when "you" have control, the Devil has control. At that point, no matter how rich and powerful you think you are, you are NOTHING without him. The second you think you are, he'll take everything!

Those who have been through this say "money can't buy happiness," but that's not exactly true. Money in the hands of a man connected to God's light was meant to be there and can bring happiness to many. Money in the hands of a person who replaces God with it, or who forsakes God to get it, is in for a miserable ride. 

Be rich as a person. Be spiritually wealthy. Work hard, not for money, for yourself. Show love and compassion in the face of hatred, and be thankful even in your most desperate hour. God WILL provide for you, and when He blesses you with wealth, there are no strings attached. Don't try to control your life. It's not yours to control. You aren't put here to control it. You are only put here to grow. When a tiny seed becomes a giant redwood, it has no fear. It doesn't TRY to be a beautiful tree; it just IS.

**BTW,I say this without a dime to my name. This isn't some religious, 'born again,' or any other zealot, cult-driven nonsense. This is spiritual truth. The same truth brought to us by every religion before they get butchered by human beings. The churches at this stage are so corrupted they are worthless. When I reference God and the Devil, I don't mean a man with a white beard or a red alien with a pitchfork. I feel, personally, that in an effort to simplify these truths by personifying God and the Devil and by using parables to teach, the western religions have left themselves open to interpretations by idiots and frauds. I personally find Eastern philosophies to be more straightforward, without all of the BS stories that have these Bible beaters seriously thinking that the world is 2,000 years old!  

All of the answers are in yourself. Nas had it right. He IS God's son. We all are reflections of one God, one truth.

---Plume as Your Dhali Mama

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