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Saturday, October 23, 2010

God and Intelligence

Our connection to God is inversely proportionate to our intelligence within our bell curve. But, to know God requires an advanced consciousness. That’s why stupid people are happy and ignorance is bliss, but philosophers are said to have IQ's well above average. 

In an individual, intelligence forms from the time we are born. At around 7 years old, we have full brain skills complete with memory in tact. That is what the Christians call the “age of reason.” At that point we can begin the indoctrination, the learned emotions, the false life we project in the past and the future, in order to build up an image of ourselves to hold on to, the ego. We lose our connection slowly with the present moment as expectations begin to set in.

The first feelings of stress stem from not being accepted by peers, based on expectations that are learned about what makes a person worthy of acceptance, and another is school performance, which are expectations by society as a whole based on the same thing. Adults say, “Enjoy life while you can. It only gets rougher.” Why is that? Life itself doesn’t get “harder,” expectations become greater. There are no lions complaining about having to hunt. Then again, there are no lions afraid of dying, either. Our use of memory and fear as a survival tactic has gone awry, and we are encompassed by them.  

When people say we are inherently evil, they’re wrong. That exact same development of our mind from the time we are born to the “age of reason” is what took place collectively as a species when our intelligence evolved. We are no more evil than any other higher mammal, such as a dog, but when we collectively reached our “age of reason,” (around 3000B.C. Babylon, if I had to guess), we started the development of the brain, as is perfectly illustrated in both the creation story and Darwin’s crude theories.

Let’s review that. Adam (or man on Earth) met Eve (life) and everything was fine; although, we do see signs of fear, perception, and memory as survival tactics, in caveman art. At some point in the collective evolution of the species, as well as individually, we reached a point where we begin to perceive time through the use of our memory. We hear this development from the ancient philosophers, who had been relentlessly trying to grasp this new perception, since the first civilization began, or since Eve gave Adam the apple from the tree of knowledge.

Today, we are so engrossed in our memories that we have created a false existence, collectively and individually, which is based on expectations and predictions, which tell us how to obtain what we think we need to fill the void, which was created by the same exact thinking. See, if we create a false existence in the past and the future, which isn’t reality, then we lose our connection to the present moment, where God is and no fear exists.

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