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Friday, September 3, 2010

FaceBook Rant On The War Against The American Smoker

I advise everybody to quit smoking, but why this war on smokers all of a sudden?? First we can't smoke anywhere, not even the top row of a baseball stadium! (Go watch some old TV, 30 years ago. They were smoking in the barber's chair, on a plane, in a courtroom, on the floor of congress...

Now we pay a few hundredbucks on a nice dinner for two with a smooth bottle of wine, and we have to huddle outside like fucking lepers just to catch a smoke before coffee. (God forbid we enjoy it WITH our coffee!!) That's because the "pure, angelic" non-smokers, who are probably obese or anti-hygenic, might be offended, or perhaps the wicked second hand smoke is going to cut through the thousands of other lethal chemicals traveling throughout our respitory system every minute and kill their baby. (who incidently is the fucking person who need not be in the establishment. Call me crazy but I'll take a dude lighting up a butt over a screaming kid any day!!)

Not to mention, here in NY it's like 10 bucks a pack. Sure! The states are going to Hell in a hand basket so they ask, "Where are we gonna find some extra revenue? Oh, I got it! Tax the smokers! Fuck them!"

How quickly we've forgotten that back in the 1600's, a handful of religious freaks and greedy maniacs traveled to this new land, with no knowledge of the soil and surviving starvation only thanks to the Indians' need for their weapons.

Still, they were dying of disease, running low on resources, and wearing out their welcome with the natives quickly. They had no reinforcements from the motherland. They were left for dead, actually turning cannibal, but they suvived thanks to a couple of money-hungry snakes who had there own little side plan.

They brought TOBACCO SEEDS, rare shit fom Spain or something! The plants grew beautifully and became the cash crop of our great country!! The first US city, Jamestown, was built on fucking tobacco fields!!!

Tobacco saved this country!!!! It raised this country. Every single man who had a hand in designing it, from the aristocrats who wore wigs and signed shit with fountain pens to the peasants to the slaves....SMOKED TOBACCO!

How quickly we forget!!!!!!

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