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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facebook post about using curse words

After declaring on facebook that I was not going to continue disguising those little four letter gems that society so fears when writing on my wall, I gave the following explaination to a longtime friend:

I'm such a fucking romantic when it comes to the english language. I am the type of person who uses a thesaurus to write an email. So, for me to exclude a handful of words with such extreme value, Queens on a chess board, so to speak, and not utilize them, to me seems pretty fucking ridiculous. Take the word "fuck" for example. It's a noun, verb, adjective, adverb.....OK, I'm going into the George Carlin skit, but you get what I'm saying.
I think this country has a terrible epidemic...FEAR! What did FDR say? We are fucking terrified of everything in this country. We're scared to offend people, scared of going broke, scared of terrorists, scared to go to war, scared of the fucking core temperature of the Earth increasing by 1 degree every Goddamn century. Are you fucking serious??
Oh don't get me started on that shit. Al Gore? This fucking guy wants to be president of the U.S., and the major cause that he champions isn't healthcare, taxes, or national security. This bafoon is worried that in a million years the Earth will disintergrate!Am I the one that's nuts? seriously?
We are a bunch of fucking pussies...even my man Asa was can't hit the Quarterback in football, you can't touch anyone in basketball, you can't throw at the batter's head, we're afraid of Gays, so we make them the subject of the new Civil Rights Move in baseball, and now, we have little league where no one wins!!! No one wins?? Do you know how fucked up my childhood would have been if I didn't win the World Series that one year? (shout out to Dan McKenna, Grizzaffi and all..Wakefield woodlawn, baby, Game winning hit, you know)
But yeah, if I had gotten that "game-winning" hit at 10 years old after working the count full on Manny,(a true Danny Almonte case, before they could check Birth Certificates, when the shit was just a piece of paper altered with whiteout and a typewriter) the best pitcher in the league, and smacking it opposite field for the win and by the way, pitched the last two scoreless innings, giving me a win as well (a combo that may never before have been done. I'm not sure, because, again there was no fucking internet, these are the days when you went bowling and kept score on a piece of paper with that little two inch, eraser-less pencil. Take a look at the rampant retardation running through your friends here on FB and imagine what the fuck a trip to the bowling alley was like!! while drinking!

But, what I was saying is: if I had gotten that hit, and then after it, as I crossed home plate, they said, "Whew, that woulda been great if you were an adult. Yeah see, at some point you actually start winning and losing! I think I would be pretty fucked up, today!
Some people don't win too often, so when I, I mean "we" do, it's nice to hang your hat on it, you know? It was a fucking reference point for me for a long time. It filled me with hope that it may once again happen. You can't take a win away from somebody, especially a child!! That's sick!! You can't take losses away either. They hold as much value. I just don't know what this fucking world is coming to, Donato.


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