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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alleged Until proven Guilty

Article first published as Alleged Until Proven Guilty on Blogcritics.

Somewhere in this country a woman may be physically abused by her husband. One evening, police might show up at the couple’s home on an anonymous tip and may even suspect violence, but due to lack of evidence, they could leave after issuing only a warning. Then, later that night, the abusive husband may kill his wife. Even if he is arrested, he may bail out or beat the charge, and still, the woman could wind up dead. There is not a cop, a district attorney, a judge, or anyone else who wants to be responsible for dropping the ball in such a case, and if that means a few innocent men must fry, so be it.

It only took one Ike and Tina Turner movie for this country, whose governing body has always been predominantly male, to surrender a man’s right to make the wrong girl angry, marry a bruiser, or even argue loudly with his wife, especially if she has a shrill voice. In order to eradicate the next Ike at first sign, policies have been put in place to give women a chance to not only defend themselves against such monsters, but to almost annihilate them.

Men must be very diligent when choosing a mate. What was once written off as a “crazy girlfriend,” feared for being demented enough to flatten a guy’s brand new tires, has become capable of a ferocious form of terrorism, and just like that, Hamas has moved into the bedroom.

Today, any woman who wishes to flex her muscle has only to dial those three magic numbers; it’s very simple. That may be all she can muster, but it will suffice. She only needs to still be angry or rather, upset, when the cops show up, and of course, to make sure her significant other is also quite irate. Neither should be difficult to do, and at the sign of any dispute, someone will go to jail, almost always the man.

Some women may thirst for further vengeance. Maybe they are just more sensitive or vindictive, or perhaps a particular husband screwed up very, very badly and deserves a special punishment. A motivated wife, let’s say, can upgrade from silent victim to fierce accuser with one lie, or one story, and she only needs to be halfway convincing.

Perhaps she could stage the scene by causing a ruckus before the police arrive. For example, attacking him violently can result in some attempt on his part to subdue her rage, especially if she were larger or stronger or in better shape, often leaving marks or scratches (mainly on the man!). Also, screams heard throughout the neighborhood can go a long way. A highly graphic claim, a messy house, and some scratches can be enough to upgrade the whole thing to a felony assault charge in many states.

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