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Monday, May 24, 2010

Plume's profoundly personal or personally profound.....

At any rate, what I was trying to say was this:

You know those cute books with beautiful little quotes? Of course, you do, and Plume decided to compile his own inspirational, or otherwise noteworthy, ideas. So, this is the wise Professor's edition, a work in progress gathering random thoughts from day to day. Entries are not forced, so it is updated whenever a qualifying thought appears.

The idea is that, after some time, it will be quite enjoyable to sift through the 'creme de la creme' of your own personal thoughts, at least, those which made the cut. Plume recommends this for all. You may be surprised.

You will find these inserts ranging from Aristotle to the bullshit your friend writes about on Facebook, the website that simulates hanging out with your buddies and doing shit. (no offense, sometimes it great to just hang out.)Here goes:

  • "When I open my eyes in the morning, my mission to become a better person begins, and it doesn't end until i close them....Of course, I take naps." - P.P.

  • "How's this business idea? : Open up a shaolin temple for kids, which would teach them honor and respect. A softer version would be Mr. Miagyi babysitting." - P.P.

  • "Do you notice that we are constantly implementing changes meant to "improve" our way of life, yet we always complain that it was better 'in the old days'?"--P.P.

  • "My mother's never had sex, no matter what you say."--P.P.

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