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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Blog's New Direction -- Words From The Professor

As he continues the tireless construction of his new album, which he considers to be of great importance, dismissing his earlier 32oz catalog as 'recreational' and targeting the infamous year 2012 for its release, Professor Plume (who is operating under a host of pseudonyms throughout the project, including Thorton Melon, Oscar Wild, producer Muddy Bottoms, among others.), takes a moment to address the new 'direction' of this blog, in preparation for what has been tentatively dubbed, The Awakening:

Hello to all,

For those who enjoyed some earlier, more frivolous writings here, like the still-unanswered letter to Brandy's mother, forgive me. We still hold the art of Sarcasm in the highest regard possible; however, it had to take a back seat to more pressing issues. Even I can only juggle a certain amount of balls before they come crashing to the ground.

For others, who have enjoyed the newer, more serious themes here, such as the enslavement of the human race at the hands of a satanic illuminati, namely a handful of interbreeding families who are behind world affairs, namely the U.S. government and Zionist Israel, thank you for the comments, for and against. Again, I apologize for not following up, and again I blame other endeavors, namely the rebirth of SF, which will be no secret here shortly. lol
With that said, I encourage you to at least peek in every now and then, as I plan to breathe some life into this page, just to catch you up on what I have been researching in the 'off-hours.' The posts will basically pick up where we left off, speaking about the bible and looking at it with a rational mind, but it will take you SO much deeper. I want to share what I've learned since the day I was suddenly inspired to question a religion, into which I had been fully indoctrinated and injected with the full dose of fear that it is designed to instill.
That last sentence is important, and although I've mentioned it several times, it always bears repeating. I did not just 'decide' to begin writing inflammatory things about the government, religion, and life in general. My alter-ego, Your Dali Mama, has been on a spiritual journey for some time now (as you can follow in his sporadic writings here) and all roads led to here. I'm hoping you will feel more comfortable at least knowing that I have no prior agenda. We'll see.
So, I only ask to keep your mind open, way open, from this point on. What I am going to do is try to simply start from the beginning by purging my emails and other posts/messages that I have sprinkled around the web (mainly to my headstrong mother, as you know. lol), in regards to this topic, to catch up. I will also be regurgitating information from different people, and I'll give them credit when I do.
But, know that I am just telling the story from my perspective, combining years’ worth of reading in this golden age of research, and I will never blindly repeat something without verifying it thoroughly, of course. I am not taking credit for any of the groundbreaking work that many have put into uncovering this; however, the way I see it, we cannot have too many people trying to explain the truth. If, for some reason, I can get through to one person when another fails, it's worth it. 
Instead I would point you in a more spiritual direction (NOT a religious one). Basically, look inside yourself, think, meditate, question things, lose your fear....etc. Many different 'new age' teachers are writing great books these days, referring also to great literary works by enlightened ones throughout history. (Unlike Icke), I feel Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies are excellent guides, but basically this is all one knowledge, I call truth. Once you tap into the truth, it all makes perfect sense.

Before I start posting, you could ask yourself a few questions to warm up to things:

Why is money so important to everyone throughout history? It turns humans to animals, yet it appeared alongside "civilization" in the history books. What turned humans so thirsty for money and material things?
Who decides what gets to stay in the bible and what is irrelevant?
Why are we so warlike, bringing destruction and killing in great numbers, all since we became "civilized?"  Why do we have the mentality that we must conquer territory? Who decided what "rules" we need to live by? Who decided that as soon as a child knows what is going on in the world, they are to be stripped from their families and taught about 'their' history (from a book written by who?), taught how to act 'right,' and exposed to laws and punishment, and basically 'bred' to be good 'cattle?' 
More importantly, why did ALL of these things that still bind us today, like language, government, politics, school (indoctrination), war, conquest, ...religion...etc. all instantaneously "sprout" out of literally nothing, as was the case in ancient Sumer and Babylon. 
Think about that for a minute. According to history, the human race lived for over a million years as various forms of homo-whatever, which incidentally was probably far more advanced than we are today if you think about it. Have we not already begun to phase out writing on paper, in favor of storing information digitally. This entire blog exists only as 1's and 0's, the computer's binary code. 

So, imagine that we were a thousand years advanced from today, in an inevitably digital world, where money and books are stored digitally, when a catastrophe, such as a great flood, destroyed the planet. How would the survivors who returned to rebuild civilization, possibly access the world wide web? They couldn't. The entire Internet would exist, full of "ancient advanced knowledge," just outside of our consciousness. Now, imagine a group of ex-microsoft employees were among them. They would have an edge. The analogy is loose, but it works perfectly.

Given that scenario, we can see it is very possible that what we call the beginning of "civilization" was actually starting over. It may or may not be accurate, although Icke and many others believe that to be the case. What is accurate is that following a million years of "homo-evolution," in which humans survived as peaceful hunter-gatherers, with no sign of a hierarchy, evolved almost overnight into the gaudy, ritualistic, warlike, territorial, indoctrinating, god(and devil)-worshipping, homo-sapien sapiens. Interesting....and baffling to most historians.

Stay Tuned

Thank You

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- Professor Plume

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