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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let's Clear Up This Terrorism Thing

We are now ten years into this "war on terror" and still, as Americans, we know as much about this so called enemy as we did on the day we were told they destroyed the Twin Towers. Who are these psychopaths who 'hijacked Islam' and 'want to rid the world of  western infidels.' -- or something like that? Why didn't they 'hate' us this much before, let's say, World War II? Coincidentally, they began to discover oil in the region around that time, so maybe that has something to do with it. 

I think it's about time we identify who it is, exactly, that is causing all of this trouble; we need to know who to fear, who is truly the 'axis of evil,' so I'm going to clear things up. In short, the antagonist is Israel. They are the 'bad guys' in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but that doesn't mean the Jews. The Sephardic Jews, who are a 'second tier' citizen in the new Israel, lived about a thousand years in peace alongside Arabs in the region, before the real problem moved in.

I'm going to skip the part about the Nazi's, because you're not ready, and go right to the subsequent move by the all-powerful Rothschild family, known as Zionism, the creation of Israel, their own personal country. So, the Israeli population is an apartheid, made up of the real Jews, who were already there back when Americans had no idea who they were, and the Zionist Jews, who flooded in with the Rothschilds after they manipulated the creation of a powerful country one day, sixty years ago. 

These new people, who came from Europe and America, took over as the dominating class and the leadership in Israel, backed by their powerful friends that make up the US and British governments, have no empathy for the Palestinian people. This is why every Israeli PM is so blatantly racist towards them. They condemn 'terrorism' and receive support from idiots when Ariel Sharon was even part of their own terror groups, like Hagana and Lehi, that basically drove close to a million Palestinians from their homes and continue to bomb, torturing, and murder them today.

OK. At this point, you either knew that already, you don't care, you're curious to learn more, or you think I am an 'anti-semite' (a made up, zionist word because they arent even semites), liberal, anti-american asshole. But at least you heard it. lol  So, in summary:

Israel is a country that was formed by the powerful Rothschild family, and it's leadership is part of the same network of families that make up our 'neo-con' leadership and British royalty and PM. That entity, not to be confused with the Jews of that area, are the real terrorists and are the root of all the "anti-US" sentiment. It is NOT because we have Reality TV and pornography.

Be Safe!     

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