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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do you not think that what is happening in Libya, Syria, Egypt is a good thing? Mom Asks....

The professor's biggest supporter and antagonist, his mother, Mrs. Rosa, asks for his opinion of the recent uprisings in Libya. The blatant reverse psychology in the first sentence, including the DM reference, only served to ensure just that. 

Don't mean to send you off on a rant (ala Dennis Miller) but  I was curious about something (and besides, I need to practice my typing skills). Do you not think that what is happening in Libya, Syria, Egypt is a good thing? It kind of reminds me of the American Revolution where people decided to take matters into their own seems as if the people have taken it upon themselves to overthrow dictators and take control of their government, which to me, seems like a good thing. I understand the caveats, that is who exactly is taking over, are we trading one dictatorship for another, is it a bid by the powers to be to gain the oil, but I tend to remain optimistic about the whole thing. You know me, always wanting to believe the good in people. Anyway, I am interested in your opinion.

Love, Mom
For the record, I have decided not to waste my time following this story, figuring that a new world order is inevitable, and unfortunately injustices will occur around the globe that I can't  stop. To answer your question, however, I think it has all been orchestrated as part of the plan to control the Middle East region moving forward. Let me explain:

It is not only documented to death, but it also makes all the sense in the world that the group of powerful Englishmen who settled this country and wrote the constitution have been in power since day one. FACT: All of the US presidents are related!!! They are all descended from English royalty. ALL OF THEM!! Here's the link.Wikipedia.  

This is supposed to be a democracy, a model for the world, and you mean to tell me that we have "democratically elected" all family members?! How can they tell me we have a pure democracy going on here? lol From Washington to Quincy Adams to Jackson, no one else had a chance, as if they were just taking turns, two-terms each, so they could get everything in place, like set up the first central bank and so and on...MY question is WHEN did these people relinquish that power? What year did it happen that they signed things over to "the American people?" When did they hand over the keys to the White House? Answer: They didn't! And why would they? Would you? In school, they tell you that you could be president. That's not true. It's a very select group....very select.

We are talking about powerful families, like the Bushes, the Rockerfellas, in cahoots with their friends, the middle east OIL countries, the saudi royals, the UAB.....I don't know, nor should I have to, all of the "relatives" who make up the group, but they are these people, direct descendants of our founding fathers, who always remain in key positions of government, enough to control it. They have been called 'illuminati,' but that's really just a generic term for such a faction and not necessarily the original Knights Templar. 
(What I'm trying to hammer home, and have been unsuccessful in thus far, is that Barack Obama, like Bush before him, IS NOT the most powerful man in the world, not even close. He is a good-looking, well-spoken politician with the necessary bloodlines to be president, Dick Cheney's cousin, actually).

This aristocracy, which is what it is, is just a little over 2 centuries old (That's about 9 generations, not too long at all really). During that time, they have mastered the art of social engineering and propaganda, of course all backed by the good ol' bible, (that good book that's been keeping people in line for 2000 years!). They control the money flow through the federal reserve, using a brilliant system of debt, interest rates, and income tax, all made possible in one off-season afternoon with a bill pushed by Sen. Aldrich,  in-law to Mr. Rockerfella and fellow 'blue blood.' 

There are many documentaries that show exactly how the two work succinctly (income tax and fed. reserve) to form what is a never-ending, "debt-based" system, controllable by moving the interest rates and the supply of money itself. They were also completely responsible for the great depression (just read about it).

With all that said, I am almost certain that if I did begin to dig into this story of the Libya uprising, then it would confirm my belief that this powerful group I have been speaking of has a vision for the Middle East, not the people, but the land that has been fought over forever and just happens to still be rich with resources. I believe they were tired of rogue dictators like Saddam and Quadafi, fellow oil tycoons in direct competition, who wouldn't 'play ball' the way they wanted them to (and that could be anything. We know that Saddam just didn't like his oil business foe, who used our military to flex his own family muscle.) 

These are the guys they paint as psychos and label public enemy #1. You remember  McCarthy-ism; I remember the evil commies, the evil Ayotollah, Manuel Noriega, Quadafi, Saddam, all crazy men who needed to be stopped. We have been meddling in that region, playing double agent, ever since they struck oil after the war; before that you never heard a peep out of the area. We cared about as much as we care about Africa, which has been riddled with "madmen" dictators and oppression. Do Africans not deserve "democracy?"

Follow our actions post- 9-11. We immediately went for Afghanistan---not for oil but for their geographical location to build a pipeline, an important component in the business of oil trade to Eastern Europe and an ongoing subject of conflict in the area. It was also the reason we were supporting Osama Bin Laden throughout the 80s against Russian invasion. Not to mention their enormous poppy fields, which had been largely shut down under the Taliban regime, but are up and flowing again in peak numbers thanks to us.

After that, of course, we went for the oil; this is interesting. Think of the villians we have seen in that area over the last few decades, many we just named. Think of the countries which have "caused trouble" for us, the perennial axis of evil.
Now, here is a list of the most oil-rich countries in the middle east, in order. Out of 30 countries in the region, 18 of them produce oil.: (click here for actual numbers)

  1. Saudi Arabia--- Number 1 and our number 1 friend. They are VIP here. Prince bashir is more powerful than any senator.
  2. Iran- well, well-- They wont play ball with us and are therefore THE AXIS OF EVIL
  3. Iraq-- coming in at number 3, but arch-nemesis to Sir Bush, also a member of the axis of evil and a true madman that we have rightfully disposed of. We freed those poor people. They will now have a choice between TWO leaders like us. (Of course,  both will be very friendly towards America when it comes to the oil)
  4. Kuwait--good peoples- They play ball--and in return we are their bodyguard whenever they decide to slant drill into Iraq.
  5. United Arab Emerites-  also very nice people. 
  6. Libya--Has refused to play ball with Bush since 80s and is therefore a true psycho madman. We must support the (very america-friendly) rebellion and free those poor persecuted people.
Those are the big six; after that the numbers start to get thin, but rounding out the top 15 are countries you have heard of like Egypt, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen, all in the news, going hot and cold.  But not every country in the middle East has oil. Here is a list of the oil-less countries in the region and tell me when the last time was that they were mentioned at all for anything. lol

  • Bahrain
  • Cyprus
  • Comoros
  • Djibouti
  • Eritrea
  • Mauritania
  • Morocco
  • Somalia-- you know how much we gave a crap about them.
  • Then there's Israel and Jordan
Tunesia was last on the list of countries that HAVE oil, with only a small fraction of the others. They are located right next to Libya on the map, but they are in bed only with France when it comes to oil, have limited exports and really have nothing to offer. Just last year, they revolted against their prime minister/dictator who was a corrupt man and had been pillaging the country's wealth, solely for the gain of his family for the last 20 years. Not only was it a successful revolution, but it was done peacefully, through demonstrations, the real American Way, good over evil, a perfect example of the morals we are supposedly trying bring to that region. 

Did you hear about it?  How many times have you heard the word 'Tunesia' on the news? lol

So anyway, yes, I believe this was totally provoked (most likely through what we hear them cal human intelligence? It is a classic tactic. Any government agency worth a damn can pull it off. 

As far as how do I feel about us, in one way or another, removing these country's governments and replacing them with their own personal versions of American democracy and capitalism? Hey, misery loves company!!! lol  Just kidding. The sad fact is that, in thirty years, kids will know nothing about Iraq. Saddam Hussein and George W Bush will be answers on a history test (that's IF they still have tests then), and all of these families will continue to rule, generation after generation.

My question for the future is what will happen when the NEW powers (Bill Gates, The Google guy) and the old powers (Rockefella, Rothschilds) clash?

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