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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trying To Explain To Myself One More Time

After having what we would call, a moment of clarity, Professor Plume scrambles to the first pen or keyboard he could find to try, yet again, to explain it....mainly to himself. 

We are eternally whole. We are one with "God" or the Divine or the Source...
As soon as we enter the physical world,
we begin to disconnect from the Source, as a result of the evolution of human consciousness, which has surpassed all species that we know of. The disconnect was a product of our natural survival skills, namely memory and fear, which create emotions. (It is accepted throughout the science community that emotions are learned not hereditary. It is really a whole subject in itself, yet it is actually simple: In our natural quest to be complete and reconnected to source, we also fear the thought of loss. All negative emotions, worry, fear...etc are due to a fear of losing something that we have formed a relationship with.)

In other words, you could use the atom comparison. We are, in fact, made up of atoms. Atoms are constantly looking to form bonds. Everything in nature looks to form bonds. The difference is that only humans, being the "smartest" of all the animals, are afraid to then break those bonds, as is also natural.

This disconnect at birth, which is called 'Original Sin' by some, is the evolved consciousness of man that allows for reasoning or rational deduction, that tries to make choices based on memory (and fear), using our misguided sense of reality, rather than just DO. This is also called our free will, and it is what makes us "superior" to all other animals.

From the time we are born with this OS, free will, disconnect...etc, until what some call the "age of reasoning," when we begin to be thoroughly conditioned by society, is a period that is magical to most of us. We remember that pure innocence and long to go back, but alas, "it's just not the way it is." Well, actually it is exactly the way it is.

The way it isn't is the world we are then thrust into, when our ego is fully developed. The ego has many names, and it appears everywhere. You could called it the Devil, with horns and a pitchfork, the false self, the flesh, the earth, hell, eternal suffering, temptation, evil, all mirrors our constant desire to form relationships, to be whole once again. It's just natural that when you remove something, it tries to reconnect. It is just a fundamental truth, and it's obvious when you think of us, a fish out of water, yearning for relationship with God.

Only, we don't know God.

So, there you have the idea of false gods. It could be anything, a car, a job, a partner. When we say something is our 'god,' it doesn't mean they are literally worshiped, but actually they are. We never feel complete, but we always say to ourselves, "If I could get that job, I'll be straight!" or "Wait until I get that house (girl), haircut, whatever, then I'll do this and that." But these are all dead ends. It is the Devil, the ego.....sins of the flesh. Sex, gambling, drugs, narcissism, workaholism, perfectionism.....It is all just us looking for a relationship. If you read about Adam and Eve or Lucifer, if you read any tale of the beginning, by any culture, at any time, and you can see parallels to these fundamental things.

Here's the best part (or worst part). Usually, at some point, we all come to a realization that it's time to seek God, what we are truly missing. In fact, it was known in the beginning what we must do to be whole. The earliest man to come into this advanced state of consciousness (which we just mentioned, gives us the elevated sense of memory and fear, which causes us to create emotions, such as greed, jealousy....etc...all the way to war and death, basically the Devil, Hell, his dominion here on Earth,) knew exactly what had happened and what was needed to prevent it. These are our ancient adages, our ancient wisdoms, magic, alchemy, going back to Egypt and Babylon...etc.

BUT, the Devil, or the ego, the false self, basically the dark side of man is very powerful. From this fear of loss grew greed, and to be powerful and wealthy enough to never experience it was the motivating force. The ones at the top knew they must control the masses. So, EVERY SINGLE GOVERNING INSTITUTION used the same, obviously effective, model, using these fundamental truths and wisdoms, tweaking them in a way that fits the particular time and region, while manipulating them to be contradictory to their enemies, as we see in the eternal Islam/Christianity/Judaism conflicts, involving the same fertile region, with religions that intertwine just perfectly enough to cause trouble for the other, or at least give a reason to.

Basically, the powers that be and always were will NEVER relinquish power. I don't mean Sadam Hussein. I mean the ones above him, above the US, Russia, China....the ones that rule the WORLD, and always have.. They KNOW about man's constant longing to be reconnected with God, the Source, the Divine, the Light, so they are conveniently right there, with a "way" to heaven.

There are many, many different ways, divided among many governments (and often customized). They are set up perfectly to perform the following functions:

In no particular order and not limited to,

1.Keep us divided, worshipping different "Gods," in different ways, with different rules, that make one person more righteous than the next. A great example would be the gay marriage debate, perfect to keep our collective eye off of what they are doing.

2. Keep us paralyzed by the fear of God. We certainly don't want to burn in hell eternally, so we walk a constant tight-rope with our morality. We live in fear...(worse fear like Bing Crosby's kids. lol j/k)

3. Great money-maker!!!!

4. Keep us from really seeking the truth, since we are already registered with the church, our spiritual work is taken care off. Most people believe their church donations have bought them a ticket to the after-life, (at least coach.) This way, they don't have to worry about too many of us being awake.

OK, here's the final summary:

We are born disconnected and always yearn to be back with the Source, where we belong, where all things are, but we are "tempted by the Devil" with all of the other possible relationships that will fill the void, but really won't, like sex, drugs, money, power.

As we all know, these relationships always end in either death, where the person has gone so mad searching that it becomes fatal, or in the realization that, in fact, these are NOT the way to being complete, God is. (How many times have we seen that play out and asked "how the hell could someone be unhappy with all that money?" Of course, no matter how many people we see in tears telling us that material wealth isn't the way, we still want to try it out for ourselves!)

When it does happen though, instead of being shown the true way to the Divine, the governments, throughout time, have hijacked the ancient truths and have set up institutions known as religion, which are basically a branch of government, an extension of their control and nothing more, to give us the illusion of a true spiritual search, while providing all the benefits mentioned above.

And here we are. 

Also, I will say that, like all of the pleasures sought by the ego, the government sponsored religions can certainly provide a measure of relief, and like those other pleasures can often be abused. It is certainly very possible that this abuse will eventuality lead to the Divine on its own, somehow, if you are receptive enough to the lessons.

Well, the light seems to be dimming, but this is positive stuff, really.

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