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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Plume Adresses An Obama Supporter

He just couldn't help it. What started as just a pleasant stroll through the digital representations of all his surviving friends, family, associates, and acquaintances, a collection built by that magical algorithm, on the world-changing site called Facebook, with every intention to 'keep it light,' turned into a lecture. (for which he didn't even charge lol)

The Professor has told himself to be understanding during this time, known as 'election time,' from now until November of next year, when another Freemason with the proper royal blood/DNA is appointed-----I mean, elected. If not, the political rhetoric will most certainly drive him to actually become what most already believe he is---insane.

But, that will have to begin tomorrow. Here is a response to his FB friend, Eric, who is a Philadelphia radio DJ and who most always incites very interesting discussions......sometimes too interesting.

How many times must I say it, Eric, my man, my mellow....O-bomb-a is a puppet. So was Bush. They all carry out the agenda of the 'ruling' class, the 'illuminati' if you will, the royal bloodlines (of which Obama is a part of, being a cousin to Dick Cheney), that date back to Medeival Europe, back to Alexander the Great, back to ancient Babylon.

The bottomline, though these people who call themselves 'democrats' and want to pretend this guy represents them and not the people who put him there simply won't acknowledge, is that O-bomb-a promised everyone he would bring every soldier home--this after he condemned it as wrong and evil over and over again. YET, here we are three years into his term and there are still almost 50,000 troops there, he has increased troop strength in Aghanistan, he has about 1600 soldiers' deaths on his hands and who knows how many Iraqis killed, maimed, left without homes.


You know the bit, but we love to conveniently forget about that and talk more bullshit "healthcare" proposals. FOH  I'll tell you the healthcare plan, same as always, get people to buy medicine, simple as that.

Now, recently he has promised (once again) to widdle down to 3000 troops by the end of the year, even though he clearly said 'ALL,'  and so the dems are running around saying that he has cut it to 3000, bullshit! He has a full load over there firing away. I will eat my wallet if there are only 3000 troops there at the end of his term. I would like to know how a mother of a soldier who was killed in that quagmire over there, three years after voting for this guy on the premise of ending the Iraq war,  feels about healthcare.....or Gay marriage or the f---in economy. lol 

Underneath all of the left wing talking points, which have been made ever popular after the Bush presidency (which was all in the design), and the fact that it is "The First Black President" (even though he's about as black as soap), is the plain fact that the mission has remained exactly the same as it has been---ever since the Rothschild family created the state of Israel out of thin air in a movement called "Zionism" where he basically said (under the guise of 'world leaders' of course) that GOD told the Jews it was their land. Period. No questions asked, and after the holocaust (again part of the design), sympathy was sky high everyone felt they deserved it.

So under that bullshit he started a marketing campaign to get American and European "Jews" (and their $) to the new Israel, where they receive first class treatment over the native Jews that were there for a thousand years, living in Palestine in peace!!

Let me summarize: the JEWS that WERE living in Palestine, and simply called themselves 'Palestinians', were pushed aside in 1948 to make room for Rothschild's "Zionist" Jews; the Palestinians were completely driven out and "terrorized" and there you have Israel.

 The ends to all of this, an agenda that O=bomb-a is driving full steam ahead, is control of the entire region and its resources, not to mention good old war profiteering...and the ends to all of THAT, is very simply Global Domination, and they are very close. It could probably be thwarted if we stop the ridiculous left-right hamster wheel that have us on.

Don't take this a s a dis on "your boy" but the fact is that, much like his predecessor, who he now hails as a 'great American,' he is responsible for a body count that puts guys like Manson and Bundy to SHAME!  My  (super left-wing) mom says , "well, I don't know what it takes to get 50k troops home." hahaha  Put them on a fucking plane!  lol  Peace my brother

To complete the idea (and since he 'promises' this to be his last attack on those playing the game called "royal democracy")Plume decided to pull out all of his bells and whistles and supplemented the comment with a small ten minute video. It is fun to watch. lol (not really)

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Kathy Rosa said...

I will not address the Palestinian situation or the bloodlines of the Illuminati since I am not qualified to speak on these subjects. However, I have closely followed the Obama campaign and his presidency to date. Let us assume that he is a person capable of thinking independently and having his own beliefs and moral code. You, Prof Plume, have to make this assumption because your belief that every presidency is pre-destined and their governship is only by design will negate anything I have to say. So you will have to open your mind and give me the benefit of the doubt.
If Eric has followed the Obama presidency and believes in him, it is probably because all his speeches, news conferences, and actions have promoted his same agenda, which is to undo the mess that Bush got us into and to once again, make the USA respected and competitive in a global environment. The task at hand is to fix the economy. This is probably his toughest chore. By saving us from a depression in 2009 and double dip recession now, he has had to give huge bailouts to the banks, wall street and the auto industry. He has also had to invest heavily in the states in order to keep teachers, firefighters, and police on the job. He has also had to pass an affordable healthcare plan and pass consumer protection laws. In addition, he has to bring to an end 2 wars which he did not start. The logistices of withdrawing troops and leaving these countries in a stable condition are too much for this writer's mind so I will leave that to the military experts. But what I do see is a serious effort to confront terrorists and to minimize our collateral damage.He also has to get this country back to work, hence his jobs bill, which the Congress will vote on next week, and which has been endorsed by every independent economist. While trying to accomplish all this, he has been met with obstructionists on the other side of the aisle whose number one aim, admittedly, is to make Obama a one term President.
So cut Eric some slack. He is only looking at a leader who is working for the people as opposed to some who would not. If, as you propose, everyone of them has the same agenda, then why are their methods so different?

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